Full Moon in Aries 2016 – by astrologer Rafael VR

Information: It was exactly 6 new moons ago I started arranging the New/Full Moon forecasts the way it is now at this website. It was a New Moon in Aries, and now I can see how far and sophisticated I’ve become within 6 months! Time for harvest, now I can literally only fill in the spaces for key concepts of each sign, planet, house, etc. The reports are equal in content but differs in information and only. And this wasn’t only for me (Aries) but for you (Libra) my dear significant other. I remember I was thinking about “…transforming the Moons into a sophisticated report where everyone could benefit from it without paying a single coin.” – But as for every New Moon, it wasn’t a clear thinking but it was a clean slate for a new start, it was an aimed intention but it wasn’t a bright thought. The brilliant studying of the cycles of the Moon is fascinating and deserves special attention. In a year, each lunation will already be completed in information such as: studying case, tables and sentences of empowerment, the houses and their polarities and final considerations by the end of each report. – These are the things that take much of the time, while the report itself I do it in about 1 hour, and for that, I will be able to do each report in a week before without having to worry about other issues related on the same post. So for now, enjoy what the house has to offer!


Full Moons are times of revelations, endings and our unconscious is wide and wake

Full Moon in Aries: discover yourself and empower your assertiveness

Aries/Libra Axis: finding balance between the self and the significant others


New Moon in Aries 2016– about 6 months ago

New Moon in Libra 2016– about 15 days ago


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New Moon in Libra 2016

Do you realize that each month I set a new different country for the New Moons? The following 15 days until the Full Moon I search for what kind of mainly news/events that country has gone through since the last antecedent New Moon. I’ll now being briefly discussing the results of such New Moon influence here and then.


In the case of the last New Moon, I set the chart for the capital of Vietnam, Ha-Noi.







Are you ready for Harvest?





Note I: This is a super full moon in Aries. When super Moon happens in our skies, it looks like we can almost touch it with our fingertips. And this is exactly what is going to happen for us astrologically, our feelings are super sensitive, explosive… quite an emotional drama to say the least! It feels we are about to explode in emotions and they are all over the place, people are no longer hidden their primary emotions and motivations in life. To us living creatures on Earth, the moon will appear 30 per cent brighter and 14 per cent bigger to the naked eye (click here for more astronomical facts).

Note II: Although Saturn is located far from Neptune’ square (right now by 4° orbs), the configuration is still very much valid: On September 11th (2016), Saturn square Neptune in Pisces. The Moon was in Sagittarius at that exactly day, the same Moon position when Saturn went direct in middle August, meaning the Moon activated the mundane power of both planets in square, as well as will activate some powerful event in the life of natives around 10° degrees mutable signs. The truth will be put under files for many people, Saturn means governmental and monetary issues to additional capitalist, Neptune is socialist an cares about humanity and the perfect society but it needs to sacrifice something really personal in order to transcend individual’s needs that are ego-based. I see a leader being arrested, captured or even killed, a powerful one, now, if that leader has high morals or not I couldn’t tell. (Brazil ex-President Lula and wife face charges in corruption scandal – bbc). The square between Saturn and Neptune can make us roll up our sleeves and urging us to find control among reality and our deepest longing for redemption, the houses the planets are falling in your personal chart will inform you much more. The square makes us feel unworthy, unsuccessful and gloominess.

Note III: Uranus the planet of revolution and social upheaval, transits retrograde the sign of Aries, the war-oriented of the Zodiac, and the planet is conjunction Eris in Aries by 1° orb. This is not a good thing for events related to war, bloodshed and vengeance. On the other side, Uranus conjoining Eris brings necessary changes and discordance in order to society realize what needs union of nations and what needs backup, the nations that still needs primary progress that shouldn’t in plain 21st century. Eris is now found at 23° Aries 3′. (For the geocentric ephemeris of Eris click here).


15 days ago when the New Moon took place in Libra, some people around the globe experienced what is known as a “Black Moon” while the part experienced a normal lunation. For this reason, many of us had to experience forced new beginnings and sharp new inception had been installed. Now it is time for harvest, to see clear what has been revealed, what had gone right and what had gone wrong; everything in the houses of the Sun and the Moon are transiting by, will be exposed what no longer can be hidden in the unconsciousness. In all Full Moon of Aries, we are involuntarily asked to make actions with vigor and to kill the evil from the guts, that is, what no longer needs our personal and full attention – we are invited to initiate a decrease in what our vigilant emotions were once focus at. The Sun in Libra is now consciously telling you what is going on, but the with the Moon, we never know… until the Full Moon comes! The transiting Sun in Libra exposes the urge to know ourselves through the other in the sphere (house) in which the Sun is transiting in your own chart, while the Moon in the opposite sign Aries is revealing where you need to take actions for yourself, to take more initiative and rush to make it happen, we are feeling very much action-oriented! Naturally, we learn in astrology that opposition indeed isolates, but the major purpose is the integration of the polarity instead of focusing on the separating parts, and that is the beautiful knowledge that the studying provides not only in technique, but in practice, in real life.

Out of nowhere we are obliged to finish things up in a hurry. Uranus is conjunct the Moon by 0° orb and people are out of their comfort zone, they are feeling their feelings have been electrified and now it needs an outlet to discharge all that energy, and others may pay for that, which it won’t be fair, but they are calling for this, you are calling for this, everyone is. A necessary end of whatever cycle you were trying to get out and simple couldn’t, now you are free, free to go my dear one. Crazy-oriented people are instigated to make a bold finale, and they are quite detached from their feelings (Uranus/Aquarius people), specially the Moon sextile their planets in Aquarius or natal Uranus, stay away from them if you don’t want to cry, these people are inclined to accomplish anything in this period of time. The Moon conjunct Uranus and the Sun opposite Uranus are the major factors in the chart. That means that someone important in our lives won’t be satisfied by our latest choices and vice-versa. Aries force is brutal, and conjunction Uranus it makes ferociously shocking. The Sun opposite Uranus tells us a break up of some kind may be imminent, but one that will help us progress without too much worry or useless preoccupation.

When the Full Moon comes in Aries, we get to be aware of in our lives what emotionally motivates us, a primitive emotional state takes place and we are instigated to make a bold response, unconsciously we are being asked to make something done within this period. Aries puts fire and needs to see the burning in front of their eyes, they interpret fire as a sexual element that builds the first sparks of desire and what stimulates the libido, hence the sign is known for its aggressive attitude when in its lower condition or challenged, and for that reasons, many angry Aries people are stimulating fights and oppositions only for fun.

The Full Moon has two rulers: Mars and Venus. The infusion of both energies are the polarization of the feminine and masculine archetypes, making us understand the need to give birth to a new revolution in our lives, and the Uranus conjunction and opposition will help us advance that. It is an opportunity to overcome the hardest obstacles in life as well. Mars is now transiting Capricorn and is about to conjoin Pluto in Capricorn, the most violent yet powerful aspect annually formed by the 2 most bloodthirsty planets in the skies. Consequently, Mars is part of the lunation once the Full Moon culminates in Aries. A powerful completion that will bring dominant influence for over the next 15 days to the whole life if possible. Venus on the other hand makes weird aspects. A semisquare (45°) to Mars which sounds to me that feminine and masculine energies aren’t going to fit in the same room for the next few days.

Once one second has gone by, there is no second after that will make the last second goes back to what once was: an exciting new second.  Such thinking gives a sense that there is “no going back”, but the Moon allows us to enter the past with facility, that is, when we put our thoughts to past events we allow ourselves to feel that again, to emotionally experience those seconds with intentional thinking. Whenever the Full Moon in Aries comes, we are suggested to go back to the past and see what we have done in life that altered our vision of the world.

At this ending cycle, we are able to close up chapters with audacity while emotionally certain, we are able to assert ourselves with certain endings now, disclosures and announcements, this is a cardinal Full Moon.

  • The New Moon has ‘visibility’ in most part of
  • Saturn is no longer Retrograde, although we are in its shadow period. When Saturn is Rx, we feel our obligations in life is doubled and indeed they are, only to show you how to feel serene after such lessons as it comes back to direct motion, where we can feel soften by all the pressured left by the heavy marks of Saturn’s feet in the sand and no longer have to work the double to achieve such reality. However, be ready for a restorative yet rousing Saturn trine Uranus by the end of 2016. Saturn is returning back to the point of origin (from its retrograde motion day 1) only in November 20th 2016 where it will be back to 16° Sagittarius 24′.

Qualities and Elements

  • 36% Cardinal
  • 0%Fixed
  • 64% Mutable
  • 27% Fire
  • 36% Earth
  • 18% Air
  • 18% Water

The chart shows a preponderance of Mutable quality, yet Cardinal and Fixed qualities are in equal but lower in percentage, we are willing to cooperate with the flow, becoming more flexible and able to adapt to changes. The medium percentage of fixed and cardinal signs, are still enough for us to ground ourselves into the physical reality and act cautiously but assertive.

The Full Moon’s chart shows a complete lack of Air and Water signs, while the majority of the planets are transiting in fire, earth signs. The elements in astrology are the essence of all the energies at the game, the lack of element Air compromises our intellect, interpretation of reality, jeopardizing our arguments and the capacity to rightly analyze events, people and ourselves. The lack of element Water compromises our emotional responses and awareness. We won’t be able to feel it ‘deep’ but above the skin literally. And guess this energy is good enough for us to walk through rough waters. The fact by itself assures the lack a precise rational perspective in oneself and the world, we can also lack empathy for others, but we are willing to overcome that with courage and will, persistence and practicality. A wise and sufficient instruction, would be finding in practical forms in real life the element or elements the lunation most lacks, which in this case, are the elements of Air and Water. The chart tells planet Earth is already balanced with other elements by planetary astrological alignments, therefore, equivalence must be afforded through thinking, reflecting and using logic to close chapters as well as trying to reflect better before action.





Here we are dear ones;

12 Ways people in general are about to experience whenever the Moon is Full and is in Aries:

  1. courageous or needing to fight for something or someone 
  2. feeling fully impulsive 
  3. increased will and determined personal choice
  4. wanting to be independent more than usual
  5. feeling explosive and more direct to others
  6. wanting to finish many things all at once (resolutions)
  7. wanting to show bravery and attitude (daring)
  8. increased passion and desire
  9. feeling too sexually aroused/wanting wild sex 
  10. boldness to situations that require braveness
  11. feeling the self very illuminated and shiny 
  12. needing to be the first in all scenarios and occasions 




Today we are about to celebrate it with a uncontrollable unconscious behavior, for that, the sky announcing to humans and planet Earth: a Full Moon in Aries – The most aggressive but assertive of all the Full Moons by any astrological means. The houses the axis Aries/Libra govern are the cardinal 1st and 7th houses respectively. In the session “Study Astrology” – “Houses” here at the website, I wrote about each house:

  • 1st House – Aries is the strongest and most courageous of all the signs. Through the acts, the world sees and have the first impression. The first house is the scream of liberty, scream of passion of being alive, the first step of being born. The first step as a body in connection to the material world. We understand individuality as it is, and are willing to fight for anything of one’s value.
  • 7th house – Libra opens the contrasting crossing line between identities, resulting in learning objectively the difference between me from you. Automatically, we learn ourselves trough the other, the necessity of unification becomes clear, the barrier is equal and now we learn the first step of the realm of trust, which is to trust that justice will be made. Now we have reflections.

The 1st house is where humans experience the super “I am” sentence that has a powerful effect over the person saying it, this is the house of Mars and Aries – here we are instigated to vision the world accordingly to the sign rising at the cusp of the house, that is, the Ascendant, the magnifying lens. Here reflects our personality apart from the Sun sign which is our essence and not our personality in general. The 1st house is the doorway to our mind, the face we carry on the living body and the exterior a person projects, thus influencing the way we  vision the world, what is in front, the direct experience whatsoever. In contrast, the 7th house is where humans experience the mind, face and the presence of the other, or, any significant other, which will provide the native with an acute understanding of the self through the other whenever possible, and of course, many experiences in this house will provide the native with the ability of negotiation, politics and personal tact. Many Libra rising individuals think they are their own worst enemy, and that is because Aries is on their descendant, the house of open enemies, the same is true when Mars occupies the 7th house of a nativity. People with many planets in the 1st house (specially personal planets) are often accused of being too self-centered, self-absorbed or too selfish. They lack the sense of the other what is like to sacrifice a part of you in order to spend time with a significant other. However, they are powerful people full of genuine energy, the ones we need to be inspired by.

The axis formed by Aries-Libra houses is the axis of relationship, either to the self or the other, and from this line of perception, the houses represent those experiences related to independence and co-dependency, reinforcing the need to equalize liberty and reliance instead of forcing them apart. Everyone at least one time in life, wanted to become a hero for someone or for a whole audience, the wish is considered encouraging even when a few people considerably follow such desire, and knowing that is not the best job in the world, risking yourself for another human being that you barely know, and that is exactly the initial sparks that Aries people do that make anyone illuminated by tremendous courage, it is satisfying for the ones witnessing their heroic attitude. The integration of the axis brings an experience of having to accept that our actions have consequences and we’ll eventually be judged by such acts, by the integration of a system and a person of knowledge. The first cardinal points are a reminder that we must accomplish the mission of being true to oneself while relating to others of the same, the integration of the self and the other is imminent in anyone’s life, the same will happen to your vision of how the world is or how it should be in contrast to others people’s view – the cardinal quality attached gives those houses a trailblazer effect, giving birth to new major beginnings concerning the self and the significant other. These houses are the place we need to take the first steps before everything else on the chart, the first angular houses asks for major emergencies in life. Here, we are dealing with fire (1st) and air (7th) houses, that means each house has something to offer in contrast that the other house lacks (the same conception can be applied to the signs of the zodiac and their polarities); in the 1st house of Aries we experience the maximum of our “self” separated from others of the same, that is, all things related to our physical body (specially the head) and appearance, our personality is much aligned by the way we look to the world and conduct/direct our lives in it, the apparent surface which is hidden by a beautiful mask that is hold on tight until safety is a reality, the mask falls and the truth (Sun) appears – while in the 7th house we experience the maximum of the significant others, the ones we keep a one-to-one communication or some kind of relationship on daily basis, in this house we experience the mask of others as well as the house of open enemies.

Personal planet Mars is called the god of war for a reason, and the planet is also the co-ruler of the 8th house and the dark sign of Scorpio, among with Pluto, the planet of destruction and rebirth. Mars ruling the 1st house gives the house a passionate and intense quality, thus it indicates the area of life where we give the best of ourselves, here we give impressions and not only the “first impression” but any impact one causes that changes how the other sees us, and take it back as a compliment once this is the house of assertiveness and action. Unfortunately many decisions taken here will somehow offend the significant other, but when integrated, the other will be part of one’s major decisions in life and that will be gratifying. Outer planets transiting the 1st house activates a great urge for liberty and independence and will likely want others to do the same – people become self-centered to extremes and will think everyone should think in the same rhythm and with the same responses as theirs.

While in the 1st house we experience our physical body integrated, in the 7th house we experience them apart from others, then we are about to experience the physical body of the important other person. Everything that happens in the 1st house is strongly in tune with the native’s outlook in life and of course, the appearance (specially the face) and self-actualization in the course of life.



The Zodiac – The Circle of Life



  • Millennial Archetypes 
    • Symbolism and Glyph

If we were living in ancient Greece, whenever a person mentioned the Zodiac at dinner’s table, people would be unconsciously and immediately directed to the resemblance of animals and all living things on Earth, and for some, what also lied beyond. The Zodiac signs and its glyphs are millennial and can be seem in various books of history and the occult, in ancient monuments or artifacts, in tattoos shop, in games, in movies and even in universities worldwide, etc. The symbols of the signs of the Zodiac are the raw patterns of mankind’s unconsciousness since the beginning of the intellectual society, all introduced through a complex yet elementary glossology thus elucidating stereotypes by the use of symbolism. These millenary symbols and glyphs are the foundation of everything we know in astrology, they are an imaginary 12 divisions in the sky perceived and named in signs and houses after many empirical and factual observations.


  • The Zodiac Wheel
    • The Circle of Animals

The Zodiac is a complex system but a profound and understandably one, a tool that foresees the powers of nature from the universe unseen to man. There are divided in the sky, by the logic of the human mind, a 12 group of clusters of stars where each one is named after a constellation and thus popularly known as a Zodiac sign; Each group of stars (clusters) near the ecliptic form a constellation significant to a powerful meaning, once used as a GPS for night travelers and points of reference for agriculture purposes, these clusters has been tracked down with the planets in a virtual belt compassing all spheres of life around planet Earth. Later, these determined fixed stars and their location was used for casting charts of nations, kings, queens and people of power, to then be utilized by the general public as a predictive tool for casting horoscopes, natal charts and any other kind of personal to wordily utilization of astrology as coordinating prognostics.

This is about shapes, correlation, imagination and creativity altogether. In Latin, the Zodiac is written as zōdiacus, where the initial two capitals ZO reminds us of the word Zoo. The minimalist word ZODIAC is from radical Greek zōidiakòs kýklos (ζῳδιακὸς κύκλος) and can be translated as “the circle of little animals” – sublimely referring to all living creatures of the world, a reflection of the bodies of mythological hybrids (Sagittarius, Capricorn and Virgo) and the elevation of animals (Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio and Pisces) on planet Earth. The word Animal comes from Latin Animalis, describing creatures that “have to breath”, and as for animals, all need to ingest organisms in order to survive. However, the Zodiac is not entirely rooted in the kingdom of the irrational living beings, the circle is empowered by the trinity of Air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) of intellectualism each possessing a human body as a representation except for Libra which is depicted by the scales. For this reason alone, many astrologers prefer to refer to the Zodiac as the “circle of life” instead.


Each division has the same specific boundaries of a geometric space containing 30° degrees each, even if a constellation in the sky overcomes in measures the one before or after – for this point is important to know that constellations differ from Zodiac signs, although they can be virtually ‘transformed’ into signs and be identified as houses accordingly. Astrologers and astronomers empowered the thinking of perfecting the system by the use of sanity, therefore they agreed it was rational to name all the constellations that lied centered upon the ecliptic accordingly and thus created the invisible and virtual belt of the Zodiac. The game started, the human mind was no longer far from understanding a universal language.

*For astrological purposes, this website utilizes Tropical Zodiac Dates.


  • Coordinating the System
    • Matching Realities 

The obliquity of the ecliptic in which the Zodiac belt lies upon is actually the apparent path of the Sun across Earth’s sphere for over the course of a year, and that is the exactly path that marks the movement of all known planets in the solar system, each planet occupying its own slice of heaven, that is, each celestial body lies close enough to the ecliptic to be considered within the belt of the zodiac, giving birth to the studying of the spherical geometry and aspects consideration. By priority  the Sun and the ecliptic become major references (latitude) for astrologers and a starting or central point of everything else. All others visible planets (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn) travel about 8-9° north or south of the path of the Sun when measured by celestial latitude. The ecliptic coordinate system perfectly matches the reality of the hermetic axiom “as above, so below” like a ring in its most practical way.

  • Precession of the Equinoxes
    • Moving Westwards 

The powerful movements and gravitational pulls from the interactions of the Sun and Moon on Earth have an astrological impact known as astrological “ages” of mankind. The slight drift of the constellations occurs due to the precessional of the axis of Earth, a celestial phenomenon that causes the equinoxes to move westward along the ecliptic relative to the fixed stars, slowly changing it in both equatorial coordinates and ecliptic longitude, and gradually alternating the initial records of the motion of the Sun along the ecliptic.

This is a polemic subject which can cause confusion among the popular public as people of the 20th and 21st century think their Sun sign has changed because of such celestial process. Every 72 years planet Earth suffers 1° degree of the precessional cycle and ends up completing it approximately in 26,000 years where the North Celestial Pole returns back to the point of ‘origin’.


The Precessionary cycle is measured by the 12 months of the solar calendar named accordingly to the constellation visible behind the first day of vernal equinox when the Sun rises.

  • Associating and Familiarization
    • The tropical System and a fixed Zodiac Wheel

The association began and points of reference changed over time. If divining the sky into a uniform division of 12 spaces containing 30° degrees each, there will exist an imaginary wheel of 360° degrees encircling Earth, and is called the Zodiac wheel and each 30° degrees of space represents an archetype of contrasting differences, and by time these divisions were received names and deeper meanings were attached to each degree of the wheel. Actually, anyone can alter their names by its own, as well as anyone can count 13 to 100 constellations near the ecliptic if one desires, this won’t change the fact the tropical Zodiac system is based on the first actualization of the humankind to the advances of astrology (Age of Aries), that is, when the Sun originated in latitude from zero point of Aries at the vernal equinox thousand of years ago, thus reminding it mostly for western astrologers of the 21st century. For this matter, astrologers that utilize the tropical system actually utilize a fixed Zodiac wheel independently of the actual constellation the Sun rises over course of thousand of years. That is, in thousands and thousands of years from now, the Sun will be rising in the sign of Libra at the first day of the vernal equinox, the opposite sign of Aries, and by then, the same astrologers will still be using the Zodiac wheel as if Aries is still the first cardinal point in a chart and not Libra, nothing will change. It is a matter of perfecting the system and it sets an unchangeable and serious nature to tropical astrology based.

  • Perfecting the System
    • Authenticity and Arrangement 

There are at this present day currently recognized by the IUA, formed in the skies at least 88 official constellations, yet the Zodiac only utilizes twelve. In very ancient times, the constellation of Libra was actually seen as part of the Virgo and Scorpio constellation. It was necessary an astute observational skill, dissemination, coherence and common sense over time in order to distribute the Zodiac wheel without disrupting the 12 occupations in the sky despite the formation of the constellations being divided by initial scholars and not actually later agreed by professionals astrologers and astronomers. Another feature that suffered alterations over time are the pictured images attached to the constellations. For example, nowadays people are used to hear the sign of Cancer is represented by The Crab, an image translated by the Greeks and Romans. However, the Egyptians (around 2000 B.C.) pictured the constellation of Cancer as a scarab or Scarabaeus (beetle), which they sacred at and was seen as an emblem of immortality and of the soul. One thing is obvious, both the crab and the scarab have hard shells that protect their sensible bodies from harm, once an immortal soul lives inside such perfect protection – there had to exist common ground. By time and eventually, in order to fully create a system that most professionals were to agree upon, it was necessary tremendous intellectual guidance and resources from various disciplines that each obviously possessed an equivalent and essential knowledge/higher part to contribute to the whole studying of what is astrology known nowadays. Indeed, the sign if Libra has nothing in common with Virgo and Scorpio; Libra has a cardinal quality and is from the air element, and both signs geometrically only form a maximum of a semisquare (45°) in which is seen as a disharmonious aspect, and the minimum of a semisextil (30°) that is considered neutral or a nonbelligerent astrological aspect (although many modern studies suggests a strong one), and the same happens to all other signs that share their cusps with the antecedent or succedent sign. Curiously, the constellation of Taurus was the first constellation to be part of the Zodiac Wheel, and Libra was the last one. The intuition and creativity of occultists and philosophers had to find common ground with the logic and reasoning of mathematicians and astronomers, and that happened until the 17th century, where being a professional astrologer implied in being an astronomer, mathematician and a philosopher.

  • Dynamics at Play
    • Intelligences required 

Astrology is not simple reading symbols. A human mind has blind spots and they can be dangerous to the interpretation of how astrology should be translated, thus the confusion and denial of the subject. It is impossible to make assumptions, recognize patterns, retain information, use the material genuinely, debate complexities, and all kind of capacities of the human’s brain and states of being, without these first considerations. There are at least, as I could count on fingertips, five (5) dynamics at play whenever one is reading a Zodiac wheel, they are necessary inteligencies in order to reach full understanding of the works of astrology, or at least, how it initially operates:


When the student begins the interpretation of the discipline of astrology and its Zodiac contained, it is easy to make confusion amidst the subject as it involves many breeds, practices and methods. The fact is harder specially when the individual is not the kind of the ‘thinking’ person, but more of the ‘intuitive’ one. But as for all disciplines, there must exist a logic in the process of thinking when distributing the information and in the way it is collected, aggregated and merged. The dynamics in play comes naturally to the student and each day they develop into corrigible measures to the professional:

  1. It later develops as skills for particular methods of application, higher proficiency, and improves abilities.
  2. It later develops as higher mental capacity, enable constructive criticism, improves a quick-witty mind and the subject becomes academical.
  3. It later develops as profound intuitive understanding growing into primitive foreknowledge, it improves perceptivity and one’s sagacity while it abolishes susceptibility.
  4. It later develops a higher reasoning process, giving an improved decoding mind, enables an  acute translation and improves the astute observation.
  5. It later develops as a form of responsiveness towards the subject, thoughtful respect and profound concern.


  1. http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?term=zodiac
  2. http://www.ancient-wisdom.com/precession.htm

The new Value of Mundane Predictions

Sometimes I think the market of astrology is nowadays saturated. But I am not being realistic, the market of astrology is not nearly to be saturated, but where is the problem then? I will try to guess that out by my own.

  • Ultimate Risk

Making predictions is a ultimate risk for astrologers, once they can either fool the astrologer or make him/her seem like a god of time, the one who knows-it-all, a mystical figure is presented to the public and people who deny it will still make the astrologer look like a charlatan, this is a dangerous profession and not quite a popular one. A shot in the dark some may say… but is that really dark? Not at all. The astrology of the moment is the interpretation of the reality of that time specifically, the quality attached and the interaction between the mundane and the individual. I’ll make my point clear.

  • Self-oriented

Nowadays people are into astrology to be more self-oriented, and I extensively have discussed such topic in my new book of Saturn’s, people are fascinated by what the stars have to say about their personality, it has become a tool of empowerment and that is great. However, students sometimes only do it to know him/herself better and forget the other premisses of astrology and its branches, and I am alright with that. But the problem begins when people deny the power of astrology over the mundane world, over nations and countries that have influence over us, how we behave, what is possible to do and what is forbidden, our own liberty is held in the hands of a nation’s government, therefore it is essential to know what is ahead for the group of people occupying a certain amount of space in whatever the location on planet Earth.

  • Random Predictions & Saturn-Neptune cycles

As our ancestors found out a way to correlate the stars to mundane’s events better than we do nowadays, perhaps because their lives were much simpler and shorter, the happenings of those times were tided up with the cords of time within the collective mind, once the population were fewer and tribes or larger groups of people used to shared a culture descendant of ancients, favoring the discernible correlations in a short window of time. Nowadays, there are so much going on in the world at the same time, that mundane predictions seem rather  random, where it should be a precise and valuable prediction and opportunity to show the working of astrology rightly interpreted.

History of the world has speed up astrology to its higher levels of interpretation, yet it has become too predictable, too shallow. Should that be a good thing dear Rafael? Let’s consider more.

Whenever Saturn and Neptune forms a critical aspect (conjunction, opposition or square), astrologers worldwide are ready to full their texts with examples of the fall of the Berlin’s wall, which took place in November 17th, where people went massively to the streets in Bulgaria, dissolving in some way or another the Stalinist foundations. Take for Saturn-Neptune square going on at the moment for instance. It is so easy to open up a chart for the moment of now and think: “Oh my god, look at that! Saturn-Neptune square! terrorism for sure!” – kind of prediction. That kind of prediction nowadays seem saturated. Actually, all that kind of terrorism is of Pluto’s kind of operation in the mundane. Saturn in the eyes of our ancestors was the destroyer of time. The Saturn-Neptune cycle is in tune with dissolving old patterns of society, which could insinuate as act of terrorism, yet it is about destroying the necessary and the injustice, rather Pluto works with the abuse of power which can be transformed into primeval terror.

Another example is the Uranus-Pluto square that has being going on since June 2012 where it remains in orb until the end of 2016. Such configuration which is held for over 5 years is intense and violent in many ways, thus astrologers predicting riots, revolutions, breakthrough, abrupt economical crises, etc. are only a few things they can be predicted in the span of 5 years for the world at large.

Unfortunately, being too predictable seems superficial. People don’t want to know Uranus will square Pluto and there will be a riot. They want first to know how that will affect THEIR lives first, secondly their lovers life and then they will reach for the collective event. Then they will want to know WHERE such riots and crisis will take place, but first they want to know, are they going to be safe? People nowadays are self-centered.

  • The New Clients and Pluto Generations 

The new clients and students of astrology are from Pluto in Scorpio and Sagittarius generation, they are the new group of people who will regenerate astrology at its roots and are the ones with the mission to reformulate astrology to its highest precision and perception of the quality of time. But Pluto in Sagittarius group are going to re-publish and share what was longer hidden from the public’s eyes while Pluto in Scorpio are going to do the primary excavation. The astrologers from Pluto in Leo seem very proud and pleased of their achievements to the astrological society and are ready to pass their own as they are already doing in, although many are omitting their knowledge for pride. Astrologers from Pluto in Virgo generation are the simplest professionals and most practical I’ve ever learned from, thus they can be precise as hell. Many professionals from Pluto in Libra are making astrology looks formidable to the human being, empowering and quite satisfying for personal usage of astrology, they are the ones making astrology more personal oriented.

  • Uranus and Astrology

tumblr_n7axk0pplf1relaado1_400However, there is another planetary movement I shall look at when talking about astrology at the new whole level of presence: Uranus. The planet travels a zodiac sign for a whole 7 years. At the moment, Uranus is transiting tropical Aries since March 2011 and will be there until 2018 when the planet ingress into Taurus.

Aries is of course, the first sign of the zodiac, thus the responsible for the first act of whatever that is. Aries is a self-oriented sign and only, the sign is known for its aggressiveness towards itself and others around, although it can be very energetic and motivational. Uranus is considered the new ruler of the science of astrology whereas Saturn represents the timing of which Uranus acts upon – Saturn then considered co-ruler of Astrology. When Uranus travels Aries, we can expect people to make use of astrology on the most personal level as possible. They want to use astrology for motivation, self-empowerment and encouragement. The value of prediction changes within the collective thinking whenever Uranus changes sign and makes aspects to outer planets Neptune and Pluto, and that we are about to witness more and more as astrology raises in its intellectualism rather than through its artistic concepts in the 21st century.

When Uranus ingress into Venus ruled Taurus in 2018, we can expect astrology to increase in its popularity. In 15 years from now, Neptune and Pluto will still be traveling tropical Pisces and Capricorn respectively. Meanwhile, Uranus are free from both outer planets Neptune and Pluto, leaving both Jupiter-Uranus and Saturn-Uranus cycles to be analyzed for over the next 18 years.

MAJOR: Rafael VR predicted a cure for sickness: “British man might be first in the world to be cured of HIV after ‘breakthrough’ treatment”

Hi guys this is MAJOR for me and Astrologers worldwide!

At the beginning of the Libra season, I predicted something major in the area of ‘health’ that would happen in the world at large, that utilizing only one technique, the equinox of Libra 2016, here’s what I wrote ABOUT FINDING THE ‘PERFECT CURE’:


The technique is pretty simple as you can notice. If you want to discover how, please click on the image above for the whole Equinox Libra 2016 report!

“This is one of the first serious attempts at a full cure for HIV,” Mark Samuels of Britain’s National Institute for Health Research told The Sunday Times.

Here are the links for the breaking news:

“A 44-year-old British man may have become the first person in the world to be cured of HIV. Tests showed the virus had become undetectable in the blood of the previously HIV-positive man, after he was treated with a pioneering new therapy designed to eradicate the virus. Researchers have cautioned that it is too early to tell if the treatment has really worked but said the man, a social worker, had made “remarkable progress”. – http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/british-man-hiv-aids-medical-trial-breakthrough-cured-a7341801.html


  1. http://globalnews.ca/news/2981573/can-this-new-therapy-cure-hiv-british-mans-virus-now-undetectable/
  2. http://www.bbc.com/news/health-37545953
  3. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/10/02/hiv-cure-close-after-disease-vanishes-from-blood-of-british-man/

Although this is not certain, and it has chances to be only speculations, I think it is important to notice the correlation to the Equinox Libra chart 2016. The Mercury opposes Neptune in the chart while trine Pluto by exact orb, indicating a ‘not so clear’ message. Pluto and Scorpio rules HIV virus, thus the retrograde emphasis I cited.

Let’s see wait for more news related. 

New Moon in Libra 2016 – by astrologer Rafael VR


New Moons are times of seeding, new slow beginnings, to intent a major project or to simple initiate a new healthier emotional cycle. Time to make accommodation for the new to come in and vapor life instead of burning it.

New Moon in Libra: The most harmonic, concordant and other-oriented of all the New Moons annually available. Today there is an invitation to begin with fairness


New Moon in Libra 2015


The Astrology of Allan Kardec


Portrait d’Allan Kardec paru dans le magazine L’Illustration en 1869.

Libra understands the other side, it is pretty easy for a Libra person to put him/herself in other people’s shoes, the sign channels the other in order to comprehend what is happening on the other side that he is not. A person born with the Sun and the Moon in Libra knows intuitively what other people’s needs are.

Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail (Lyon, October 3, 1804 – Paris, March 31, 1869) was born under an exact New Moon in Libra. Known better under the pseudonym Allan Kardec, he was an influential educator, author and French translator. Allan became famous as the encoder of Spiritualism (a neologism created by him), also called Doctrine of Spiritualism. Allan was also a disciple of the educational reformer Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi and a pioneer in the scientific research on paranormal phenomena (most notably mediumship), subjects that used to be considered inadequate for this type of research.


Born into a family of Catholic orientation with tradition in the judiciary and the law, the educator early expressed penchant for the study of science and philosophy. Allan had an astrological Stellium, three to more planets occupying the same Zodiac sign, which in his case, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn and Uranus all sharing the sign of Libra, a person with multitudes of abilities and to know-how to use them. He studied at the Pestalozzi School at the Yverdon’s Castle in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland (a protestant country), becoming one of its most distinguished disciples and active propagator of his method, which had great influence (Sun/Saturn/Mercury) on education reform in France and Germany. At fourteen years old Allan already taught his colleagues less advanced by creating free courses. At eighteen, he was graduated in Science and Letters (Saturn/Mercury/Uranus).

Allan’ Stellium in Libra falls in the 6th house of the mundane. The opposite house, that is, the 12th house, is where all the spiritual world happens. The 6th-12th houses axis are the the houses of instrumentation with what is called ‘divine’ and what is prosaic or simple things that are earthly commonplace.





Are you ready to seed new Intentions?




“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” – Buddha

Note I: Some websites are announcing this is black moon, and for some part of the globe that is true while the other part it isn’t. This is not a Black Moon where the lunation will be visible at the exact time of the new moon on the first day of October. There are about 4 definitions of the Black Moon, and what fits the equation is the fact this is a 2nd New Moon in a calendar month, which is also happening by the end of October 2016, the next New Moon. A sharp turning point, and in Libra that shall be major in many people’s life. Here’s an interesting article about the Black Moon in astrology. Black Moon in astrology “saves” us from future failure.

Note I: Mercury is no longer retrograde my dear ones, allowing progress on communication, organization and the way we connect to people on the mental level.

Note II: on September 11th Saturn square Neptune in Pisces by exact orbs. The Moon was in Sagittarius at that exactly day, the same Moon position when Saturn went direct in middle August, meaning the Moon will activate the mundane power of both planets in square, as well as will activate some powerful event in the life of natives around 10° degrees mutable signs. The truth will be put under files for many people, Saturn means governmental and monetary issues to additional capitalist, Neptune is socialist an cares about humanity and the perfect society but it needs to sacrifice something really personal in order to transcend individual’s needs that are ego-based. I see a leader being arrested, captured or even killed, a powerful one, now, if that leader has high morals or not I couldn’t tell. (Brazil ex-President Lula and wife face charges in corruption scandal – bbc)

Today you are invited by the Moon and the Sun to share with them, your new intentions. I am Sun/Mars and Moon in Cancer, I really understand how our intentions have further development once settled in the mind and unconsciousness of the native as the consciousness allow such expression to happen in furtherance. But since this is a New Moon in the sign of indecisive Libra, we are going to talk about that. If you notice Libra’s glyph ♎ – realize it reminds us of those vintage scales to weight things down, or simple, the Sun setting down in a straight demographic line. The personification of the sign of Libra that most astrologers utilize is the statue of Justitia, a woman while blindfolded (impartiality and objectivity) holds the scales of justice suspended from her left hand (measures the strengths of supporters and oppositions) and in the other she hands a sword, symbolizing the reason and justice itself, that is, the punishment, the law against or in favor of an individual. Libra is a masculine sign, and if the sign has scales as a representation of those that are born under the Sun in it, we shall notice a person is approachable, gentle and well-balanced, even when indecisions make the most part of the native’s life. Libra is governed by Venus, and for that reason, today you are giving the chance to balance in life what is being striven for again, a saccharine new beginning. This lunation we are giving the opportunity to start something morally right and most objective and impartial as possible from the sketch, something you can later analyze with full view when the Full Moon comes.

The New Moon falls on the 1st decanate of Libra, that means Venus is the ruling planet and key for this lunation in question. It tells me that we are seeking happiness and comfort. Venus ruling the lunation is an invitation to begin valuing the people that most care about you and the significant others. There is love in the air and that is intellectual and not childish and innocent love, that means the “love” we are seeking in our lives is of great value, to the case of “I would die for such love!”. We want to partner now, to be with somebody we learn things from, even when that is impossible somehow, that card is still on the game. Venus is transiting a sign it dislikes, it becomes detriment while in Scorpio, although the sign boosts Venus with power and manipulation skills. This is partially because Venus rules Taurus, the sign complementary and opposite to Scorpio, then when Venus transits Scorpio, her grame becomes too intense to handle, love loses objectivity while possessiveness and irrational obsession takes place. At the New Moon, Venus semi-sextile (30°) Sun and the Moon in Libra, I don’t often consider much the aspect but for this event I think it will be needed. The minor aspect deserves other kinds of consideration, in this example we shall analyze Venus in aspect with other planets.

Venus is applying an exact trine to Neptune Retrograde in Pisces, while the Sun and the Moon injunction Neptune. Here we go, that means in the sphere of love, relationship or partnership we are to suffer a lost, only to be restored by the end of this cycle, as for the trine, there shall exist an easy flow and accommodation of energies between Venus and Neptune, but the disconnection to the Sun and the Moon, it right tells us it will be about illusions from the past that come up at this new beginning. In general, the output shall beneficial by the end of it, so the illusion must be broken rather we want it or not.

There are actually many things going on at this New Moon. But I always want it a clear observation, no matter how complex the chart looks like, that’s how orbs and its applied spaces in between are so essential to look up for as priority. The next aspect the New Moon forms is a sextile to Saturn by 3° orbs, and such aspect to such a rigid planet, it somehow determines a lunation of an easy structure, we are now conformists and that’s ok now, a great start with great optimism as the Sun is still conjunction Jupiter in Libra by 4° orbs, but a challenging one, why? Mars tells us it wants to separate the house it is transiting from the Sun and the Moon as the New Moon squares Mars. And where Mars is transiting at in your chart, is exactly where the separation is going on. By the way, Mars has just ingressed into Capricorn, meaning that our will and our plan of action are exactly this, plan and action!

  • The New Moon has ‘visibility’ in most part of
  • Mars and Saturn were conjunction and shared the same space of fixed star Antares in August 24th in tropical Sagittarius at 9°53′ degrees, which was the first quarter of the Moon. By December 4th 2016 Mars in Aquarius will then sextile Saturn in Sagittarius at 18° degrees. Mars-Saturn aspects are never easy to handle, although sextile can soften and trine make it seems effortless. Sue Tompkins for example, believes all the aspects among Mars and Saturn can sometimes generally take us nearly to the breaking-point once the combination gravitates people towards “situations where their capacity for strength, endurance and stamina will be tested and stretched…” (Aspects in Astrology, 2002). The transit at its best activates our capacity to deal with seriousness in life, people are strongly capable of deal with the worst conditions or scenarios, events and issues related to government or any other form of authority over another. The conjunction to Antares was also a big deal in the world of astrology, see here why.
  • Saturn is no longer Retrograde, although we are in its shadow period. When Saturn is Rx, we feel our obligations in life is doubled and indeed they are, only to show you how to feel serene after such lessons as it comes back to direct motion, where we can feel soften by all the pressured left by the heavy marks of Saturn’s feet in the sand and no longer have to work the double to achieve such reality. However, be ready for a restorative yet rousing Saturn trine Uranus by the end of 2016.

Qualities and Elements

  • 27% Cardinal
  • 0%Fixed
  • 73% Mutable
  • 27% Fire
  • 55% Earth
  • 9% Air
  • 9% Water

The chart shows a preponderance of Cardinal and Mutable qualities, we are more than just able to initiate a process of rebirth, we are willing to cooperate with the flow, something that cardinal people fail to understand, the more mutable energy, the easiest to adapt to changes carried on by the New Moon cycle. The low to none percentage of fixed signs, is enough to make ourselves unstable, insecure and without a floor.

The Full Moon’s chart shows a complete lack of Air signs and Water signs, while the majority of the planets are transiting in fire and earth signs. The elements in astrology are the essence of all the energies at the game, the lack of element Air compromises our intellect, interpretation of reality, jeopardizing our arguments and the capacity to rightly analyze events, people and ourselves. The lack of element Water compromises our sensibility to feel, to nurture or to find emotional satisfaction. The fact by itself assures the lack a precise rational perspective in oneself and the world, affecting also our emotional intelligence and sensitiveness towards others, but we are willing to overcome that with courage and will, persistence and practicality. A wise and sufficient instruction, would be finding in practical forms in real life the element the lunation most lacks, which in this case, are the element of Air and Water. The chart tells planet Earth is already balanced with other elements by planetary astrological alignments, therefore, equivalence must be afforded through thinking, reflecting and using logic to close chapters; also by reflecting upon before acting and open up a new chapter.


“The first wealth is health.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson



Here we are dear ones;  Remember, here we are unconsciously dealing with beginning not with endings, somehow our body will respond to the Moon’s cycle that way, simple as that.

12 Ways people in general are about to experience whenever the Moon is New and is in Libra:

  1. feeling things needs to be fair now
  2. feeling other-oriented 
  3. wanting to please others instead of oneself 
  4. urge to equilibrate/balance out emotions with objectiveness 
  5. realizing how symmetrical nature can be
  6. easy to collaborate or to conspire in favor of
  7. wanting to be popular
  8. seeing beauty around more than usual
  9. wanting a relationship/someone to move around together 
  10. indecisive thinking/beginning 
  11. wanting to be loved/liked more than usual
  12. feeling too imparcial

12 Questions that serve as self-awareness to the lunation in question:

  1. Who are you when you are with the other?
  2. Do you need people’s cooperation or you do things your own?
  3. How often you seek to others for advice?
  4. Do you feel pressured when there are many hard decisions to be made?
  5. Would you partner with a friend for business?
  6. How fair are you with your personal relationships or casual people?
  7. How many open enemies do you have? And why you have?
  8. How much of yourself in see in your partner?
  9. How do you feel when in a relationship?
  10. What part of the body you first notice on the other?
  11. When others fight, do you try to harmonize the situation?
  12. Where would like to seek peace and equilibrium in your life at this moment?




Today we are about to celebrate it with a very moderated and peaceful unconscious behavior, for that, the sky is announcing to humans and planet Earth: a New Moon in Libra – The most conciliatory of all the New Moons by any astrological means. The house Libra and Venus govern is the cardinal 7th house. In the session “Study Astrology” – “Houses” here at the website, I wrote about the house:

  • 7th house Libra opens the contrasting crossing line between identities, resulting in learning objectively the difference between me from you. Automatically, we learn ourselves trough the other, the necessity of unification becomes clear, the barrier is equal and now we learn the first step of the realm of trust, which is to trust that justice will be made. Now we have reflections.

The star constellation Libra, represented by scales. Illustration from Firmamentum, by Hevelius 1690.

The 7th house is where humans literally experience the significant other and the awareness of the other, easily related as the house of projection. This is the second air house where early students confuses with the fiery 5th house of casual lovers, mainly because of the word ‘love’ which can be used in both houses, yet in the 7th house is not necessary the love, but the love coming from marriage even if that is arranged, forced and unwanted. The 7th house is the ‘love’ partner that a person is legally married or officially a date/partner/associate, the 5th house is that kind of spark felt at the beginning of a relationship, thus the ‘love’ from the 5th house can eventually change to the 7th house. While in the 3rd house of the first sign of air Gemini we experience our early communication with our environment, in the 7th house we later experience our communication with the other, indicating how one can cope with other people’s need and how well one can listen to the significant other, and that not only relates to marriages but to associates and business’ partnerships. Planets transiting the 7th house activates our experiences with the significant others and one-to-one kind of relationships. When the Sun transits the 7th house the focus suddenly changes from work (6th house) to essential relationships in life, swiftly you see itching yourself to know people more, or at least, the significant people, but also a month to balance out your needs with the needs of the important others. When Mercury transits the 7th house, our physical approach to others are with manners, and we are able to really listen to other people’s ideas, understand people’s limitation as well as their beauty. When Venus the rulership planet of Libra and the 7th house transits the 7th house, people get excited about committing themselves to be with the other more often than usual, and commonly in this period we attract people of good character. As far the 7th house or the Descendant is a cardinal point in any astrological wheel, meaning that the house has a turning point quality attached to it, events here tend to change the life of the individual, for example, a new partnership or a new love brings exciting new beginnings and it definitely shifts life to another new whole level of experience, we no longer worry about our self and only (1st house) but now we have to take care and look for another, we get to be committed to the other and this is major in one’s life. Here we are told by astrology, the 7th house is where and how one bonds with people at one-to-one level, and as for Venus ruling the house, it informs us such bonds will be served as projections, that means the 7th house indicates the qualities of humans in which  the person is attracted to, as if one feel completed the puzzle of the self. The 7th house indicates what the other wish he/she could do with you. Events occurring to the significant other, partners, business associates, divorces or the union of two physical bodies, can all be identified here in this house of Libra and Venus, the house that is also curiously related to events occurring to our open-enemies, the ones that made it public. In solar returns, it is always interesting to notice that whenever planets are connected with the Sun located in the 7th house, the native, if possible, is going to experience great respect from others and the year ahead will be of attracting people of influence, however, the main focus of such year will be, of course, on the significant other as you can imagine by now. Forget about knowing yourself through yourself, this will be a important mission to get to know the other better, to couple with and to then understand yourself through the other, in consequence some obsession can occur, specially if Pluto or Jupiter is in close aspect to the returning Sun in the 7th house. In the house before, that is, the 6th house, people learn self limitations, how well they can work with the body and to be of service to others that needs such abilities, in the 7th house people then learn that the body can be used to cooperate with people and help the world be a place of assistance and collaboration. The second air house (meaning it is cardinal) in the wheel is the exactly place where a person learns the self through the other, but it is in this place where we also find people we can hate to the guts, and most of the time, what you hate in those are the same qualities you have it ‘hidden’ somewhere in the personality. The 7th house is the westernmost point in the wheel and it is angular, thus it indicates a house of major happenings. As part of the quadruplicity of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) and ruling Cardinal/Angular houses (1st-7th, 4th-10th houses) it rightly tells us the experiences will be directed towards something meaningful or even critical, concerning the self-awareness and self-appearance (1st house), affecting  further the way we react emotionally to life, to beginnings and endings (4th house), consequently joining forces with other people to behold a world that is whole when together (7th house), and finally, it will concern about our image we leave for the world to regard at, what we do/did to society and how one is distinguished at social score (10th house).




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The Sun in Astrology


Astronomical Sun is one of the primary motives humans and animals are alive on Earth at this exactly moment, the Sun provides life, food energy, Vitamin D, happiness, light, warmth and precipitation. The Sun is the present, the now and the future you, only the Moon will know who you were.

The Sun in astrology is the mainly object of attention by western astrologers and enthusiasts of the art. It is considered a planet in the studying of astrology and it has the most personal symbolism of power and individualism in a native’s chart. The planet is traditionally called ‘The Lord of the Day’, quickly corresponding to the most illustrious and enlightening part in a natal chart. The Sun also relates to our personal power, our strength to live every minute and the level of fortitude before making choices for the future.

THE-SUN-DESCRIPTION-I.pngWhen people say “people never change!” they are actually talking about the most obvious part of someone’s self and only, that is, their astrological Sun sign. As the Sun is the celestial body that calls much attention to itself in the solar system, is no surprise its symbolism represents our very essence in a chart, indicating exactly who we are and who we will always be no matter the progression of the Sun, the person is marked from birth like the fire burns and leaves an eternal scar. Where the Sun occupies in a chart, is where life is calling attention after, that symbol is yelling for first observation and consideration before everything else.

The Sun shows the native’s consciousness, how it works, reasons and where it will be applied (the house). In the psychological sense, it represents our ego, and what makes us proud will indicate the power of the Sun in a natal chart, our nobility before others, our pride of being who we actually are, despite the ascendant (1st house) gives another kind of information. But both the Sun and the Ascendant is about the image of the individual, but the planet exerts a powerful advantage, which is always being truth to oneself while the rising sign indicates our temporary mask that somehow will fall by a long-presence in whatever situation. The image the Sun urges is of authenticity, it despises falseness and what it not genuine, therefore it seeks for originality.

This is the planet of self-identification. The astrological Sun contributes to our integrity and our character. In this linear thinking, it is arguable why some people dislike their Sun signs, preferring to be another one that doesn’t lack fire or spontaneity when one thinks the natal Sun sign makes them suffer and others excuses. I was that person, I would hate being a triple Cancer. Then I learned the beauty of the sign, and the fact I can’t change signs by my own, made it a tremendous fight between my thinking and the self, finding a resolution which is to accept rather than deny it. It is human’s nature wanting to identify oneself to other things in life, thus one will end up by wanting to be recognized by such identification. “Who are you? Do you really know who you are?” – The Sun asks you.


The burning Sun is the only planet in astrology that contains all colors in it, yet it is a common misconception people agree the fact the Sun only emits the colors yellow, white and orange. But the truth is that the Sun is essentially all colors mixed together which can be witnessed by the rainbows reflected on Earth in separated colors. Each color in the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet) has a different wavelength. Red is the longest, blue the shortest. That is a conception of clarity when associated with the individual’s need struggle to become a distilled self, that is, the purest self one can be, and for some people to mix all the colors of the rainbow in oneself, it turns to be an intense battle.

The conditions of the Sun in a chart shows how one can be true to oneself. Too many planets opposing it the native will think what others think of their self-image before acting forward, specially if the Sun falls in the 7th house of Libra or 10th house of Capricorn. Saturn with the Sun can inhibit the character as well as making them appear greater authorities and influence in adult life. Jupiter in conjunction to the Sun enlarges the ego and exaggerates the self in many forms, a native can feel larger than life itself. Venus with the Sun ensures popularity to the native, but that is particular in the sphere of attraction and love, one will usually be received by others with joy and pleasure. The Moon in contact with the Sun is someone closely clear to know what one is in the unconscious as well, how one emotionally and irrationally reacts to situations is instinctively known. Mars with the Sun boosts the native with super-confidence, a straight-up attitude towards life and a fearless approach to any situation. When outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) joins the shiny luminary, natives are to realize their character can be a model for their generation. A native with a unaspected Sun (no aspects to any planet) walks in life thinking one lacks purpose, proud, sense of identify and self-illumination.

It wasn’t too late when astrologers associated the Sun with human’s vitality and the consciousness’ health. In medical astrology the planet is the symbolical representation of a human’s heart and its beats. Hence, the zodiac sign the planet is rulership, that is Leo, a sign determined to use self-expression in the most creative way, the Leo’s native are inspired by what immensely explodes in their hearts.

Astrological Sun has many powerful evident features hugely in exponential in a human being. No wonder the majority of people identify  so much with their Sun sign when rightly consulted by a professional astrologer. However, with all that stupidness of bug corporations and other medias stating out there to people who their Sun sign has changed, many uneducated people are now swimming against true information. Once the majority of western astrologers utilize the tropical astrological system, there is no mistake in saying your Sun sign has had never changed.


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Libra Equinox 2016

Libra Equinox 2016

Understand how the Libra Equinox will affect nations worldwide.

A new cardinal season has come to us dividing the sky in a half, now natives of Earth will witness what has been called the equinox, when the Sun ingresses into either Aries or Libra, where day and night are now of roughly equal in duration over earth’s equator, initiating a fresh pivotal beginning in tropical astrology. 


The importance of astrological charts that mark the beginning of a new cardinal seasons is millennial. Although many astrologers argue if Libra season is strong enough to hold its influence for over the length of 3 entire months, we cannot deny the fact this is a cardinal season whatsoever, and cardinal signs are signs of initiation and action, thus giving a paramount quality to time/timing and astrology once denoting it as a symbolical turning point in the Zodiac wheel. As for a country, a mutable sign rising in its chart can last a whole 6 moths no matter the cardinal season. The Libra cardinal season is followed by the season of Scorpio and Sagittarius, invoking the idea of the human’s need of projection (to know oneself better through the other), sharing one’s best assets and expansion of social circles, all in order for us to learn that we are much more other-oriented and open to others when socializing, trusting and intellectually growing with them.

The Solar seasons are exceptional references in the Solar year, they suggest mainly turning points over the year and are best used for the mundane. Equinox stands for “equal night”. Interesting, the Sun is at fall when in Libra, and all people from the northern hemisphere will have the beginning of the fall season. While the Sun is exalted in the opposite sign, Aries, the other cardinal point at the cardinal cross (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn). Observing closer the Libra’ glyph, it reminds us of the Sun setting down under a straight demographic line. By this fact alone, astrologers predict a cardinal season focused on others and balancing out our personal lives accordingly, meaning people on Earth are likely to initiate the new following 3 months cycle giving special attention to one-to-one relationships and much more focus on the social life, we are now to become aware who we are at social’s standards after the Sun traveled all the first 6 personal signs. Are you ready now to travel with the Sun in the 6 opposite signs? This is no longer a personal battle, but the beginning of a social one. When the Sun enters Capricorn in 3 months from now, marking the last cardinal solstice, our focus then is changed for the collective.


When the Sun ingresses into Libra, the Moon will be at second decanate Gemini, opposing Saturn and Mars in Sagittarius, overshadowing all the Libra’s energy. However, Jupiter is there with the Sun as a conjunction. Lets explore more of that.

The most outstanding fact about the Sun in this chart is obviously the conjunction to Jupiter in Libra, the planet of luck, fanaticism and enlargement. When the Sun aligns in perfection with Jupiter in the sign of love, relationships and alliances in a Equinox chart, we can expect leaders of world nations to make contact of great benefic nature, peaceful agreements, exaggerated forms to show power through another country or nation, urge to form diplomatic accords with other nations,  exaggerated forms of power to show how much a leader can be the good guy, etc. Many authorities are going to experience expansion of their power over a nation and other people’s nations as well. Big announcements are expected from important people of the world that shares a collective mind, that is also particularly because Mercury at his rulership is conjunction NN in Virgo and sextile Uranus in Aries, news related to health, perfection of human being, cloning, etc. The perfect trine to Pluto in Capricorn which is still retrograde, may also have to do with the perfect ‘cure’ of a disease.

The downfall of Sun conjunct Jupiter is religious fanaticism and dictatorship of the judicial world.

Another awesome feature in this chart is that Venus ruler of the sign it is transiting at, Libra, and even it won’t form an aspect to the Sun and Jupiter, the fact the three planets are found in Libra, gives the 3 months ahead a very season for forming partnerships or simple expanding one’s social circle. People will have favorites and fanatics more than usual. However, the opposition to Uranus and Eris in Aries is fierce, meaning relationships may confront challenges and abrupt ending or exciting new beginnings. Venus sharing the same space of the Sun and Jupiter indicated artists will have a great part (influence) in this season, perhaps even more than authorities of nations themselves.

The Uranus Retrograde/Eris Retrograde conjunction in Aries while opposite Venus in Libra is what worries me. Eris is now at 23° Aries 15′ and is retrograde. By the end of the year, Uranus/Eris conjunction will receive a help. Mars ruler of Aries, ingresses into Aquarius on December 10th 2016 (a few days before the Sun’s solstice in Capricorn) forming a mutual reception among Mars and Uranus the modern rule of Aquarius. By January 15th/16th Mars in Aquarius will sextile Uranus in Aries at 20° degrees, bringing forward events related to Mars and Uranus by reciprocity while Eris may bring discord amidst or a raging anger once Eris is sister of bloodthirsty Ares in the myth. Mars in Aquarius says the minority may cause a stir in society and people will hear about them by these times just cited.

The Moon in Gemini in the chart represents the common people, and it opposes Mars in Sagittarius. Mars rules the military. This is bad news for equinox ingresses, but I really hope the Sun/Jupiter in Libra can overcome that once the conjunction is tighter than the opposition of the Moon and Mars.

This season will be about expanding relationships, balancing out our social life versus personal life or personal view, this time is about knowing thyself better through others, watch in them a movie and you are the protagonist of their movies. This is not about a movie about the self-only now, but the self merged with another. And Jupiter there as a conjunction, this will sound truer than ever, in a sense that with Jupiter out there touching the Sun things will sound much more alive, double significance or simple, a significance growth.


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