Capricorn Solstice 2016/17 – For the World and the USA specifically

Capricorn Solstice 2016/17

Understand how the Capricorn Solstice will affect nations worldwide.

A new cardinal season has come to us giving more attention to the night (to the feminine) if you live in the Northern hemisphere, or to the day (to the masculine) if living in the opposite. Now natives of Earth will witness what has been called the winter or summer solstice, when the Sun ingress into either Cancer or Capricorn, where day and night are now of roughly offbeat in duration over earth’s equator, initiating a fresh pivotal beginning in tropical astrology. While in northern hemisphere, people will experience the beginning of winter (the shortest days in the year), in the southern hemisphere there will be summer time, when the Sun stays longer in the skies, that is, the longest days in the year. 


As an international astrologer to this specific website, I must focus on both directions the solstices take. The importance of astrological charts that mark the beginning of a new cardinal season is millennial. The Solar seasons are exceptional references in the Solar year, they suggest mainly turning points over the year and are best used for the mundane, applied with charts of people in power, lunations, eclipses, etc. “Solstice” equals the symbolic combination of Latin Sol (Sun) and Latin Sistere (standoff). Whenever someone is saying “summer/winter solstice”, the person is actually metaphorically saying as if the “Sun standstills” in the related season. Day and night are now disparate in length, where either day or night prevails more than the other in a hemisphere, symbolizing life harvesting preferences, but not because it wants, but because it is vital and a necessary condition of the moment. People of Earth are now more rational to judge, to experience and to delight Earth’s pleasure and resources. These are the two times where the inclination of Earth’s rotational axis has maximum effect.


The world at large – Predictions

Uranus rules over plane crashes in ingress charts, and in opposition with Jupiter, that could mean many more than usual. And that we are seen for over the last 3 months.

The cardinal T-Square involves a series of abrupt changes and new starts; Jupiter gives us a sense of superiority and morally correct. In opposite to Uranus, we can sense a form of totalitarianism taking place in some parts of the world as Saturn ensures with a sextile to Jupiter and a trine to Uranus. But I guess this is an opportunity to explore and study the opposite part, so later the wheel of life would conspire in favor for the individual well-informed. Uranus in the chart square Pluto by exact 4°00’ degrees from each other, and Pluto conspires against off or totally in favor, and when it does, it does with strong intensity and fever. As for Saturn, it will strength Uranus form of totalitarian kind of government, while it will give hope to the liberals as it sextile Jupiter, giving a sense that for this something must be worked out first. However…

This is a strong beginning for many nations and individuals, starts that will forever change the social structure and foundation, changing abruptly traditions in cultures in which freedom (Uranus) is neglected (Saturn) by blind faith (Jupiter); The greater side of this is Jupiter, of course. The planet favors peace and a conversation of education, instead of war and silence between the parts.

Mars is conjunct South Node; indicating an old war of nations which could cease-fire. Too much Pisces plus the approach conjunction to Neptune, that seems to be a trap. However, seeing the chart of a country things would be simpler.

United States of America – Predictions

The chart for Washington D.C shows Sagittarius rising. I always thought the USA as being a nation of natal Sagittarius rising (the first actual chart for the country), since kid I’ve visited the country and always admire their expansiveness and talkative way to make themselves look higher than other nations, and being from a different region of the world, we get to analyze better than those living in it.

Sagittarius is rising in the ingress chart above, thus the chart is valid for the next 6 months.

Let’s remind ourselves that in the chart above, Obama is the Sun, while the 10th house represents the new presidency and party taking the new direction of the nation.

The country seems happy and extraordinarily satisfied; although that may not be true to the whole, Sagittarius is rising, giving us the impression of a really happy and independent society. Even when Capricorn is a cardinal sign, Sagittarius is a mutable sign, suggesting the chart is not proper for a grand initiation of any kind, including a new presidency. However, the fire Sagi is somewhat adventurous; the nation is indeed feeling they are going to experience a different kind of collective high.

Scaring look USA; With malefic Saturn rising, people of the world may think of the USA at the moment as going through a tough situation, one that will hold its energy terrible to the ground, as if people from outside are witnessing some sort of karma coming back. Saturn in the 1st house also indicates disappointments of the nation’s will. While the Sun marks and essential role to the whole world, a main role that will have its effect worldwide. The Sun makes hard aspects to the Moon, Venus and Midheaven, not so over Venus. The new country’s president looks like is scaring many countries along the way while discussing race, nations and poverty. Saturn here won’t allow much of the Sun to shine in the 1st house, thus it will force the Sun to be much more modest and perhaps rude as possible. Although the 1st house (Aries house) in mundane and solstice charts does not mean the president of a country, it says much about how people see the nation while an authority figure in power, which will be the case of the 10th house (Capricorn house) – where in the chart above, the Sun is square to it (the Midheaven). It also seems, Obama (Sun) is feeling limited and intimidated (Saturn) little by little the new direction of the nation’s destiny, perhaps even feeling incapable.

USA new Reputation; The Midheaven is whatever nation’s reputation, which is always reinforced each winter/summer solstices. This time for the USA the Moon in Libra in the 10th house, it seems people are actually really divided; however, it seems destiny is favoring the new president position at the highest energy level, as Jupiter is also found in the 10th house. But the Moon-Jupiter conjunction is known for its abandonment role, as if the new direction of the country won’t allow others to come by together. Jupiter opposes Uranus in the 4th house. Let’s talk about that. Jupiter in the 10th house is really good for mundane charts; it favors the party in power tremendously, it doubles the country’s power

The possible assassination of Trump; Again, let’s see the country’s main destiny. The ruler of the 10th house is Mercury, which is retrograde in Capricorn and is conjunct Pluto in the 2nd house, meaning the country is destined to financial failure, or at least, a deep transformation awaits the nation where survival issues and economical independence is concerned. Mercury is hard on this chart, it is not at easy, and it is really uncomfortable among the planets at this specific time, it also square Jupiter in the 10th, which means people will blame the recent election, of course. The combination may also indicate the president may be in danger of being assassinated (Pluto) during a speech (Mercury) concerning country’s survival or financial administration (2nd house). The attempting murder could also happen during a ceremony of celebration, as Mercury-Pluto conjunction is located at the house of Venus. If that happens, Hilary will be what astrologers at ISI predicted, her victory, one way or another.

Watch for the ruler of the 12th house. It is Pluto of course, and the planet is located in conjunction with the ruler of the 10th house of presidency, which is, again, Mercury. This is not a mere or random forecast. I took some time studying the events that took the assassination of Abraham Lincoln for example, and there are plenty of patterns that indeed confirm, generalizing a greater possibility. The Ingress in Capricorn of 1864 also showed patterns alike, and although the ingress in Capricorn back that time had a cardinal sign rising (Capricorn) in Washington D.C. (meaning it would be valid for only 3 months), the next Aries ingress of 1985 had assured the configuration when the ruler of 10th house Uranus in conjunction with ruler of the 12th house Mars of hidden enemy’s. Mars is co-ruler of Scorpio. Not to mention the Mercury-Pluto conjunction in Taurus at the day of his tragic death. Now, take for example the Aries ingress chart for 2017 set for the same capital, we get Saturn-Moon hovering the exactly 10th house. The assassination of Abraham took place when transiting Moon conjunct his natal Moon in Sagittarius. Astrologers and students, you could also observe the many Moon-Saturn configuration in the charts cited.

Trump’s natal chart shows ruler of the 8th house (death) being afflicted by the Uranus/Pluto square, while transiting Saturn is conjunct his natal Moon in Sagittarius.

Another feature of Mercury-Pluto in the 2nd house; is the hidden information about the true country’s economical situation. Also, corruption involving people in power of major authority and dirty money is likely to be on the media soon.

The People’s attention; The Moon represents the people’s attention of the solstice ahead, that is, for the next 6 months that comes with it (as for Sagittarius rising in Washington D.C.). This will concern their own image/status before the world at large. Many are worried that the world will see USA as a new devil’s country. There will exist the need to emotionally equilibrate the nation’s change of direction, also the people’s intellect will be greatly affected. The Uranus opposition Jupiter emphasizes this as both planets are located in cardinal houses. Uranus the revolutionary in the 4th house shows a rebellion in its own land, a revolution will take place as an opposition to the new election (10th house), and the planet also sextile Saturn, which could easy lead to an impeachment, as a form of a “formal rebellion”. Uranus is retrograde in the chart, a few days to station direct, the intensity of the planet is nothing but stronger, leaving a deeper mark on the road. Let’s remind ourselves that Uranus is still square Pluto. People will worry about their new place in the world.

The opposition; is likely to happen literally on streets and from a neighborhood nation, also, a daring publication of some kind or a dramatic point of view of an authority will fragile the people in power, which could easily lead people to fight among themselves. Mars is located in the 3rd house sextile by the Sun in the 1st house of the nativities of the country. Mars in the solstice chart for Washington D.C. rules both the 12th house of secrets enemies and the 5th house of speculation, and for that, the publication’s source may never be known. The attack could also come from allies, once Venus rules the 11th house and it falls in the 1st house but conjunct the 2nd house.

Too much mutable energy in the chart indicates people will be easily influenced by other’s people opinion, people will find that a bliss and easy to adapt. However, the great lack of fixed signs indicates the lack of determination and effort to really make the necessary changes. These 6 months will be more about promoting ideas than really doing them.


This also influenced astrologers worldwide, let’s see why; The astrologers, whom were wrong about the presidency election winner, put a shade among the astrological society at the world at large, giving us a sense that astrology cannot be 100 right when it is about studying possibilities, which are usually/always on spot. “Predicting the future” has become silly and somehow it invokes an immoral sensation. Many astrologers are furious because of this event, and many considered a deep and painful hit against astrologers worldwide. Uranus rules over astrologers, when in the past Saturn was the chief by the time it was ruling both Aquarius and Capricorn. Jupiter the planet of overabundance, in the 10th house, allows a status to grow and expand to the world in quick ways, the benevolent nature acts without regard to principles of good and bad, only to a fair judgment where moral and ethic must be the highest value. The status of astrologers worldwide was hugely affected by such statement that Hillary would win the presidency election of 2016, and it will be for a very long time again.


The last equinox chart in Libra 2016, I said celebrities would have much more prestige than actual heroes, facilitating celebrity Trump to win more votes than an actual Hero of the people, or at least, part of it. (QUOTE HERE)

The combination of Saturn, Jupiter and …. by 2020! (research) favors the anticipation of Trump in power, etc.

The Storm – A dream

d0126b60818022cf62cfd2b5aa1bb77d.jpgThis is the second time I close my eyes and have glimpses of a storm, a different kind of storm, the lightning and the sky were all violet.
It wasn’t a dream, it was a clear image of a storm.
I thought it was a great topic to share with you guys. A more personal approach to you.
I remember that when something major was about to happen in my life in 2013, I dreamed about a storm while driving the car with my father. The next 2 years, a storm was literally on my life. I had learnt things I thought I would never had to.
The storm has passed. The rainbow appeared, the golden cup was found at the end of it. My soul was renewed. Pluto is now free from my Moon in Cancer at 10° degrees. Pluto destroyed my soul into pieces, or atoms if you prefer. Yes this is how I felt during the whole Pluto opposition my natal Moon in Cancer. Although powerful emotions emerged which now I am more able to control them. These were times also when Saturn in Scorpio was returning to my natal Saturn.
But this time… it was a storm for the collective. I feel it is. That kind of storm which will eventually destroy many things but something greater will emerge from the depths renewed and ready to advance in furtherance of a brighter future.
Although that may sound profane, mystical, poetic, apocalyptic or even romantic, it is not. I dream, things happen. Now I want to begin sharing more about my dreams which sometimes have in common to world events. I am sure I am not the only one who have those kind of dreams or some kind of “vision” from time to time, where a dream of a common citizen becomes a collective reality.
Astrologically, the lightning or thunderbolt itself is chiefly ruled by Jupiter.Thus, Jupiter will throw his thunderbolt in Uranus, the planet of unexpected events. In 2017 Jupiter will be a very social active planet, also squaring Pluto, the planet of the destruction, but also, the planet of soul healing.

New Moon in Sagittarius 2016 – by astrologer Rafael VR


New Moons are times of seeding, new slow beginnings, to intent a major project or to simple initiate a new healthier emotional cycle. Time to make accommodation for the new to come in and vapor life instead of burning it.

New Moon in Sagittarius: The most optimistic and truth-seeking and of all the New Moons annually available. Today there is an invitation to begin with a powerful aim



↓ Working on that, please Proceed to the Report ↓






Are you ready to seed new Intentions?




“Whosoever is delighted in solitude is either a wild beast or a god.” – Aristotle

Note I: Uranus the planet of revolution and social upheaval, transits retrograde the sign of Aries, the war-oriented of the Zodiac, and the planet is conjunction Eris in Aries by 1° orb. This is not a good thing for events related to war, bloodshed and vengeance. On the other side, Uranus conjoining Eris brings necessary changes and discordance in order to society realize what needs union of nations and what needs backup, the nations that still needs primary progress that shouldn’t in plain 21st century. Eris is now found at 23° Aries 3′. (For the geocentric ephemeris of Eris click here).

Today you are invited by the Moon and the Sun to share with them, your new intentions. I am Sun/Mars and Moon in Cancer, I really understand how our intentions have further development once settled in the mind and unconsciousness of the native as the consciousness allow such expression to happen in furtherance. But since this is a New Moon in the sign of truth-seeker Sagittarius, we are going to talk about that. Noticing the glyph of Sagittarius ♐, we are immediately carried to the world of infinite possibilities, everything is upwards and is higher as the arrow seems to be pointing to the direction of the skies. However, the symbol is more than what it appears to be and that comes from its origin. The constellation of Sagittarius vividly reminds of something or someone holding a bow and an arrow, where the Babylonians and other ancients cultures also called it as “Archer: the soldier”. A soldier is pictured as someone on war, in constant battle, or simple out there into the wild making something out of fire. Another fire sign which is connected to war is Aries, the first sign of the zodiac and it trines Sagittarius. The pictograph also reveals the true role of the archer, which is to aim to an intentional target and shot it fearless. Another way to look at the symbol of Sagittarius, is to understand the nature of man and the obsession to dominate all animals on Earth, once the sign is also pictured as a man with the body of a horse, or simple put a “centaurs”, a hybrid creature with blended capacities, with the intellectualism of the man and the physical ability of a wild animal. Jupiter has dual rulership; Sagittarius is fire and a masculine sign and it is the rational and most independent side of Jupiter, while Pisces is water and is the feminine part of the planet. Sagittarius’ need of freedom is extreme, it seeks for the easiest and happiest route and it is known for its adventurous nature – for those reasons, today you are giving the chance to powerfully aim in what needs an independent step forwards a new beginning of freedom and different experiences. This lunation we are giving the opportunity to start something that needs a renewed faith, a concrete belief or conviction of what once was lost, or considered a loss, something you can later analyze with full view when the Full Moon comes.

The New Moon falls in the 1st decanate of Sagittarius, that means Jupiter is the ruling planet and key for this lunation in question. It tells me right away that we are seeking for expansion and abundance. Who wouldn’t? But at this New Moon, this is special and the intentions set under it, will also have a special attention from the universe. Jupiter is the planet that keeps the world jovial, while Saturn, the other social planet, keeps the old in order to promote maturity. This lunation knows no boundaries and there are too many planets in mutable signs, we are suggestive and easily induced to make things we wouldn’t at normal days. There is a subtle mutable T-square going on with South Node and Neptune in Pisces opposition North Node in Virgo, where all square the New Moon. This is a universal opportunity, a universal truth (event) from the past that would be hard to handle. However… Jupiter is at a stake in the chart. The planet makes 3 wonderful aspects and 3 challenging ones, yet Jupiter has nothing to share with neither the Sun or the Moon (in aspect).

The mutable lunation advises us to finish projects that were put under rest for a while, this lunar month will initiate by closing up chapters in order to move on to the next.

Jupiter is still square Pluto. Many people are finding hard to keep up optimistic about the future as collective, and this will be a lesson to everyone. Jupiter with Pluto promotes either a powerful faith or a faith in nothing at all.

The Sun and the Moon square Neptune is something to ponder with. The challenge here is to decide or discover what are the discardable dreams versus the real ones. Society is also learning a lot from this New Moon once it squares the lunar nodes by 0° orb. This will be an important lunation in terms of society and its utopia ideas. The Neptune conjunction South Node is happening for a while. This alone tells us society isn’t in control of their own minds. At personal level, we are instigated to make something worth of our dreams, we want to aim to that and make it real, concrete.

At the New Moon, the majority of the planets are all transiting collective signs, that is, all the signs above the horizon line of a Zodiac wheel (Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces), except for Uranus which is transiting Aries. The fact tells us we are socially inclined and we want to self-expand and self-transcend in life, personal issues are better when but in a pause for a momento. 

What a weird lunation for god’sake! I think this is the weirdest New Moon so far in 2016.

  • the Saturn square Neptune of the year is over. Saturn has moved forward, Neptune is no longer retrograde, however it is found in its shadow period, and will reach at maximum of 14°degrees of tropical Pisces in 2017. 
  • In the whole year of 2017, there won’t happen any major aspects among the outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. However, social planet Jupiter in Libra will square Pluto in Capricorn and oppose Uranus in Aries many times (here I explain better the Jupiter cycles with outer planets Uranus and Pluto). Good news is that Saturn in Sagittarius in 2017 will make only sweet aspects to Uranus in Aries, and Jupiter will also trine Saturn in 2017.


“Life is either a great adventure or nothing.” – Helen Keller



Here we are dear ones;  Remember, here we are unconsciously dealing with beginning not with endings, somehow our body will respond to the Moon’s cycle that way, simple as that.

12 Ways people in general are about to experience whenever the Moon is New and is in Sagittarius:

  1. feeling emotionally independent
  2. feeling outrageous 
  3. needing expansion of something in order to feel more
  4. philosophizing about what makes emotionally motivated
  5. wanting to travel abroad 
  6. wanting to be closer to “God” (whatever that means to you)
  7. needing to seek the truth no matter how hard that is
  8. wanting to make more connections than already has (expand the circle)
  9. needing to be “out there into the wild”
  10. feeling lucky or being lucky
  11. more gatherings/communication with far away relatives
  12. international socialization, be it on social media or in person if possible

12 Questions that serve as self-awareness to the lunation in question:

  1. How often do reflect about life?
  2. Do you take life too seriously? 
  3. How do you define God? 
  4. What is religion for you, is it good, bad or both? Why?
  5. Do you value older knowledge?
  6. How often you change your view about what life is about?
  7. Do you ever wonder why malefic things happen to good people?
  8. Do you always expect the worst or the best of an outcome?
  9. Do you ever make an imaginary list in order to conquer in life as an aimed purpose?
  10. Do you think everything is possible?
  11. Would you replay some life events if that was possible?
  12. When was your longest trip or last travel abroad?




Today we are about to celebrate it with an obsessive and passionate unconscious behavior, for that, the sky is announcing to humans and planet Earth: a New Moon in Scorpio – The sharpest of all the New Moons by any astrological means. The house Scorpio and Mars/Pluto govern is the succedent 8th house. In the session “Study Astrology” – “Houses” here at the website, I wrote about the house:

  • 8th house – Scorpio enters to find deep meaning in life and the dark aspects of life, and find the trusting issues quite hard, and usually questions like why is life all integrated after all the form of expression there is available to us? How to use such power in our hands? Here we learn that things can get out of our control, we learn there is something more behind the curtains. Now we discover the fatalities that are in life.


The 8th house is where humans literally experience the awareness of death, easily related as the house of profound and mysterious activities, such as symbolical or even physical death, and as far as the symbolical goes, a rebirth. This is the second water house of the Zodiac wheel, where a fixed sign determines the fixed quality attached, implying in events that secure and sustain the life of the individual, where things get rooted, changing forever one’s stability. The 8th house is the intimacy level one gets to another person in which the cardinal 7th house (of the significant other) intellectually prepared, thus the partner of choice will soon to merge with the other in the most sexual way, preparing the terrain for serious commitment that goes beyond papers and the symbolical marriage (7th house), a devotion to the other is proposed in afterlife. However, this is the house where love can become hate or vice-versa. This is the house of karma’s feedback, the linear events that happen to us behind the scenes, and somehow “we knew that was coming”. While in the 4th house of the first sign of water Cancer the native experiences the nurturing coming from the mother or the mother figure, in the 8th house the native later experiences the holding arms and protection from a person of intimacy and power over him/her.

Planets transiting the 8th house make us share our experiences with others, to merge with another and to invest time and money with him/her. When the Sun transits the 8th house the focus suddenly changes from what one can do with the other in public (7th house) to what we can do with the same person in a locked room (sex and other stuff likely), where secrets are shared and bodies are touched to give pleasure instead of an intelectual response given already by the 7th house, and that also goes beyond what is carnal, it is the house where souls are met and gathered in a mysterious dance of love and hate, and the transiting Sun activates our passion towards the other (an increased obsession perhaps), and it also means that a powerful month ahead awaits to make powerful changes in life, even when that seems little or unfruitful, the attention if full on intimacy and the individual seeks pleasure and satisfaction through the other. When Mercury transits the 8th house, it heals the sphere of drastic events, the mind sharpens and is now directed towards what can becontrolled within the environment in which will change the direction of others in the same room, the native can also receive a message of the death of a brother or sister, specially when the planet is connected to Mars, Saturn or Pluto. When Venus transits the sphere of death, sex and regeneration, a native unaware becomes interest in mutual love and correspondence, urging for a devoted person that provides what faithfulness could only provide, and when one already has that person, the native then wants to show love to the other through sex and closeness. When the co-ruler of the 8th house Mars transits the 8th house, the native is invited to explore the maximum of the sexual world, strong impulses surface and is harder to control obsessions and compulsions, but one is boosted with personal dominance and is possible to influence others through willpower. As far the 8th house is a succedent point in any astrological wheel, it proposes a stillness of the actions coming from the cardinal house that comes before, stabilizing and uniting forces in order to later finalize or adapt in the cadent house that comes after; that means that all that happens in the cadent houses are usually of a fixed nature, for example, the security provided by the 2nd house may last the whole life of the individual on Earth, the same happens to the 8th house where one is left with inheritance which could possible stabilize the native’s life and change it forever; the same happens to the 5th house where we leave the world a child, a mark of ourselves that will later reflect who we once were, and the opposite 11th house where is possible to make large sums of money and ensure one’s survival till the end of life, where also, friends and hopes are ally to a trustful future. 

Here in the 8th house, is where and how one participates in the occult world, all things that are mysteries to the human being, where a deep investigation occurs in order to excavate what has been hidden for so long, thus many people fear this house as it tells us the truth that sometimes was better kept as a lie or as an omission. Here were are confronted with inevitable truths, that’s why Full Moons in this house arouses one’s worst and best intentions at their roots. As for Pluto ruling the 8th house, it suggests the experiences won’t be apparent at first, but as the transformation occurs, the native realizes it can’t be avoided and the renewal is a necessity, this is the hardest house of the Zodiac in terms of the darkest aspects of life, yet this is the house where we take pleasure to another level of existence. Events occurring to us at the invisible level, the level of intimacy exchanged, legacy, other’s patrimony, inheritance, vengeance coming, sexually transmitted diseases, sex itself, potential death situation, testaments, sexual organs, etc. can all be identified here in this house of Mars, Pluto and Scorpio – the house that is also curiously related to events occurring to our partner’s resources, money and properties. In solar returns, it is always interesting to notice that whenever planets are connected with the Sun located in the 8th house, the individual is going to experience the deepest power of the Sun and a significant deviation (a turning away), the solar aspect of the personality will intensify, boosting with dominance over others, especially as an influence for the ‘one’, a year to extremely focus in one’s passion and make powerful changes from the root of any situation and let go of what no longer is essential in life. Forget about emotional security, the year ahead will be emotional intense and ardent, death will be questioned and life will be enjoyed like if it was the last year of being alive, in consequence some dark obsessions can occur, specially if Pluto or Mars are in close aspect to the returning Sun in the 8th house.

In the house before, that is, the 7th house, people learn to cooperate with others, to instigate intellectual progress between people and how one’s marriage is found or any other essential partnership, while in the house after, the 8th house, people then learn how to merge with others on a deep emotional level, the communication becomes none-verbal and unwritten, a place where psychological patterns take place. The second water house (meaning it is succedent) in the Zodiac wheel is the exactly place where a part of a person dies and reborn, and that happens to the psychological level. This is the house where things aren’t apparently visible at first sight. As part of the quadruplicity of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) and ruling succedent houses (2nd-8th and 5th-11th houses) it rightly tells us the experiences will be directed towards something of an unchangeable nature, concerning one’s possessions and values (2nd house), affecting further the children involved and the individual’s self-expression, consequently changing one’s way of sharing and receiving (8th house), and finally, it will concern about how a native distributes his/her own resources to society, for the sake of collective purpose, and it will also concerns one’s wishes and hopes for the future (11th house).





The 4 Elements in Astrology and the Purity of Primary Energy


The 4 elements in astrology are fire, earth, air and water in the respective order, like the order of the signs of the Zodiac, where the first sign assuming the position is Aries, a fire sign, second sign is Taurus, an earth sign and so forth. These elements are recognized as the base of astrology, the four basic types of synthesized energy which exposes the mainly operation of the cosmos inside us all in the most discerning way. Although an astrologer could easily work with the elements in medical astrology to analyze and further prognosticate vital conditions of the bodies’ physiology and temperament, the elements in astrology are an ancient notion and evokes an alchemical conceptualization. That means their meanings transcend what the physicality cannot provide, it goes beyond the ordinary reasons of life, thus elucidating what is known as a philosophical understanding. The key to the true understanding of the fours astrological elements is found in the interpretation or the approach to the subject.

  • Twelve primary patterns of energy

4-ELMENTS-AND-TRIPLICITIES.pngFire signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Air signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Each element can and will interact with itself, performing the astrological trine aspect, the most supportive relationship among the planets. For example, Aries and Leo are fire signs, and from Aries to Leo there must exist an empty space within 120° degrees from each other in the zodiac wheel.

It is from the elements astrologers would naturally divide the Zodiac into 12 primary patterns of energy (hence the differentiation from the constellations), each symbolizing a unique expression from a generalized condition. Each of the 4 elements has a triplicity of zodiacal signs, where each 3 signs of it represents a modality: cardinal, fixed or mutable. The modalities are the kind of relationship the signs in triplicity have with each other. They also indicate what type of energy each sign gravitates towards to – cardinal signs are types in which initiate and create energy, the fixed signs then are the types in which concentrate and hold energy still, while mutable signs blend and ripen energy. In the modalities of the elements, we also find what is termed quadruplicity, where each modality accommodates four signs of the zodiac. The math is simple: 3×4=12. That means, 12 primary patterns of energy is achieved by dividing the elements from their roots.

Realize that each modality has signs of polarities or opposing forces: negative and positive, masculine and feminine. The Zodiac works with 6 pairs of polarities that when unfolded it completes a uniform circle of 12 spaces. Each pair represents a contrasting set of opposing attributes but of a perfect match, that is, each sign completes what the other lacks in return, and that happens to fall in signs in which have the elements in harmonious condition when in aspect to each other. For example, the sign of Cancer is from the water element, and its opposite is Capricorn, an earth sign. Earth provides the physicality water needs in order to run its wild and abstract will, while water gives the moist needed in order for earth to reach fertility, giving abundance of food and other kinds of organic materials. The same happens with fire and air, when the air guides fire to propagate and create it in abundance, fire element assists the air to propagate warm from it, thus keeping life intact in all forms.

  • Aligning the elements with the 4 state of matter

Early at school in physics and chemistry class we learn the fact that any substance can exist in 3 state of matter. In general, people are used to hear only about these three state of matter which are solid, liquid and gas, but a chemist student would know them better, when in reality there are actually 4 countable states. As a physical representation of the universe itself, the stars in the skies are all constituted by plasma, the fourth state of matter. Fire is life. Plasma in the astrological sense can be directly identified with the element of fire, solid with the earth element, liquid with water element and neutral gas with air element. Here begins the transcendental experience with the 4 basic elements in the astrological sense.

  • The 4 countable state of prime matter

haptic-qualities.pngThe elements give form to what was once nothing, they make things exist in a uniform perception before our eyes; each element distinct itself from the other by its physical characteristics. Despite the idea was being formulated earlier, the Greek scientist and philosopher Aristotle around the year of 330 BC, tremendously influenced the world of chemistry when he came forth with the fundamental theory for that time in which the four opposite qualities (hot, cold, moist, and dry) made of the simple bodies (fire, air, water, and earth). A pair of elements made one simple body/vessel, and by exchanging the elements, one simple body would transmute into another – for example fire could become air by changing from dry to moist. Although the physiological approach of Aristotle to the elements and while many philosophers and authorities having also the same mindset such as Thales, Anaximenes, and Heraclitus which brought great impact at the margin of popular belief, his theory was later accused of being too primitive at physical level but it was the earliest concept of the periodic table. In astrology, as wrote above, to work efficiently with the elements and the means to arrive at the true understanding of them, is found in the method the astrologer approaches the subject. The perception these four elements composed all visible matter was fundamental and the cornerstone of philosophy, science, and medicine for over 2000 years.

  • “As above, So below” – The astrological trademark reflected by a Hermetic principle

There is a very ancient axiom that was once used to reference the work of an astrologer behind the desk: As above, so below. From the special combination of words, we get to understand the alchemical relation to what is hermetically known as “the law of correspondence” – the second principle attributed to Hermes Trismegistus which is briefly exemplified later in the 1900’s in the little book named “Kybalion”. Nowadays, the sentence is considered one of the strongest reflection of their clarion immersed into water in order to understand the timing of nature and the qualities attached. However, there is still much value in the axiom to many people, which are mostly professional, students or simple curious minds of the occult (which includes astrology), esoteric practitioners, etc. The axiom for thousand of years was mostly seen as a moral symbolism of an indoctrination rather than just a philosophical metaphor.

The introduction of the maxim comes from “The Emerald Tablet” where it opens written: “That which is above is like that which is below and that which is below is like that which is above, to achieve the wonders of the one thing. This is the foundation of astrology and alchemy: that the microcosm of mankind and the earth is a reflection of the macrocosm of God and the heavens.” However, the tablet is said to be a translation of a far older manuscript, while in the west it came under the name “Secretum Secretorum”, an edition of the psuedo-Aristotlean world integrated in a book of the occult, which was also another translation of another book entitled as “Kitab Sirr al-Asar” – probably one of the first editions ever known, and it was targeted for kings uncovered as a book of advice, it was later translated into Latin by Johannes Hispalensis c. 1140 and by Philip of Tripoli c.1243.

A few years after the last translation, Dante Alighieri wrote the well-known and sophisticated medieval poem “The Divine Comedy”, covering Dante’s own allegorical earthly journey through hell to paradise, heavily influenced by Aristotelian teachings in nature and physical attributions, where Dante’s hell is a consistent vision of the hierarchical structure of Aristotle’s heavens where Satan (Saturn) is positioned in the center of the universe in the place farthest from the most perfect heavenly realm, where the further the nested crystalline spheres (fixed stars), the highest its power. Such conceit of a venal and ever-changing Earth was first derived from the Greek philosophical tradition. The Greeks earlier, knew the maxim “as above, so below” with such clarity that they actually took its meaning to the most literal way as possible. These people really needed to see a clear division between Earth and the “heavens” above the Moon, where according to Aristotle, all those planets were actually “unregenerate and indestructible” while also “unalterable, flawless and eternal”. Although Aristotle had a crypt language when directing about the stars, he offered an intelligent observation which provided a way to measure the earth’s circumference:

“Indeed there are some stars seen in Egypt and in the neighborhood of Cyprus which are not seen in the northerly regions; and stars, which in the north are never beyond the range of observation, in those regions rise and set. All of which goes to show not only that the earth is circular in shape, but also that it is a sphere of no great size: for otherwise the effect of so slight a change of place would not be quickly apparent.”(Aristotle: Book 2, Chapter 14, p. 75)

Many of the theories of Earth were usually applied to all other planets in the solar system without much discernment. “The shape of the heaven is of necessity spherical; for that is the shape most appropriate to its substance and also by nature primary.” – wrote Aristotle in the Book II, part IV. The Greeks began speculating any possible idea which could enforce the place of Earth in the universe and its form, its elementary forces, what model to chose between the geocentric and heliocentric models, etc.


Xenophanes of Colophon claimed the earth below us is infinite, that it has “pushed its roots to infinity”; others believed the earth rested upon water, a claim whose original author seems to be Thales (according to Aristotle); Anaximenes, Anaxagoras, and Democritus believed the earth was flat which “covers like a lid, the earth beneath it”.

The Elements and “Atomic” Astrology

  • The Atomic orbital models – Going Quantum 

” If you break a piece of matter in half, and then break it in half again, how many breaks will you have to make before you can break it no further? Democritus thought that it ended at some point, a smallest possible bit of matter. He called these basic matter particles, atoms. ” – Greek philosopher, Democritus (460 B.C.)

The human body itself when weighting the average of 70 kg would contain approximately 7 octillion atoms. Matter is composed of atoms (protons, electrons and neutrons) which never touch each other, they cause repulsion each time another gets closer, and the same happens to our reality. As you sit in a chair, there is not actual contact to the object, an extremely tiny space is considered between you two as you float it while suspended by the repulsion of the atoms among themselves. Everything in the Zodiac works with pairs of polarities, counteraction or conjointment, but either way, the realities are to fit together as one, as a universal law which stands for the equilibrium of powerful magnetic forces that defy gravity , which instead, pulls all matter together.

Later on, students learn in chemistry the atomic proportions of the matter. Through the atom we learn how matter behave to each other (chemical reactions), their properties and how they bond (interaction). Something must exist tinner and smaller than the matter itself which we can’t comprehend without the advent of a creative mind, invisible even to electron microscopes, and only visible to the quantum microscope. The ultimate differentiation among the elements in the periodic table are not even the states of matter as we studied above, but the way the atom’s characteristics form the basic structure of the matter. A single element for example, exists because of the number of protons in its nucleus called “atom”. These numbers of protons or positive charges that reside at the center of the atom, tells chemists what is the element present in front of their eyes.


In Astrology, the glyph of the Sun or Sol, is symbolized by a circle with a dot inside of it. One of the earliest model of atoms exhibited an orbital structure, with the nucleus as the Sun and electrons (or negative charges particles) whizzing around like planets. The model was proposed by Danish physicist Niels Bohr (1885-1962). Even the models before, scientists had drawn models with a sphere, or a simple circle representing the form of how they thought an atom “appearance” should look-alike, with a dot as the nucleus. These models had to be replaced within time, once it was discovered these negatives charges (or electrons) orbit nothing alike an ordinary planet’s orbit, yet they do move around the nucleus with its protons (positive charges) and neutrons residing in.

  • Fire, Life and astrological Houses

quotigng-pontanus.pngWhen an astrologer says a person has “many fire in the natal chart”, it doesn’t mean a person will someday explode in flames, it simple means that person has an ‘explosive attitude‘, a person of ‘strong temperament’. In the basics of chemistry class we learn that, with a few exceptions, the transition from the types of matter to different phases depends basically on the amount of the heat present, which can only be provided by the element fire. First thing in astrology, the wise students learn the Sun (consciousness) in a natal chart symbolizes the individual’s life and ego, turning the planet to me the most important one while reading a natal chart, followed by the Moon (unconsciousness) and the Ascendant (conscious aspect of the self-image). The Sun explodes in fire, it governs the 5th house where the sign of Leo occupies – this is the house of creative self-expression. The 9th house in astrology is the placement of Sagittarius, a fire sign ruling “the house of life”. In the fiery 9th house we are asked to review our lives and make sense out of it, this is the house of philosophies and beliefs. The 9th house has Jupiter as rulership, the planet operating as “larger than life” in a natal chart. The 1st house is ruled by Mars and is the placement of Aries where both own fire as element – this is the house of self, the house marking the exact hour of birth and the first breath one takes in the world without the second body (mother’s), allowing a genuine beginning of the human being as a unique and separated individual. Fire reminds us of eternal life, or simple life. At the moment a star explodes and dies, we are “born”. Such explosion of dying stars contain material in which we are all made of, thus we are actual layers of star-dust of supernovas compacted in a marvelous body.

  • “Plasma Universe” and the element Fire

THE-SUN-ELEMENT.pngPlasma is astrologically linked to fire. Plasma state distinct from the three other states because it is found as an ionized gas and it is irradiating. Plasma different from neutral air, has sufficient energy to free electrons from atoms or molecules, allowing both ions and electrons to coexist. Fire needs air in order to burn. The Sun is ruled by fire that in astrology symbolizes the principle of being (uniqueness). In astrology, the elements fire (plasma) and air (gas) are a combination of signs (fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius – air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) forming a harmonious and major aspect in astrological charts called the sextile aspect, a circle divided by six while having its angularity of 60° degrees in between. Aspects and their orbs (maximum to minimum of influence) represents the limits, dynamics and relationships among the planets based on their position (in the signs of the zodiac). Plasma also conduits electricity as it is charged in its particles. Fire people are known for their highly motivated spirit, something that makes all people feel warmed when around them.

  • Fire and the ‘Collective behavior’ factor

Plasma has what in science is called “collective behavior”. This is actually, the state of matter most common in the universe (about 99% of the observable universe), and curiously, any spark in a neutral gas is potential plasma. As an example, the Sun is known as the biggest ball of plasma as far as our solar system goes, its heat rips electrons off the elements hydrogen (92%) and helium  (7,8%) molecules in which compose the Sun. Plasma hotness won’t allow bigger molecules to stick together, consequently an approximation of equal numbers of positively and negatively charged particles are then distributed. Without the Sun and of course, others physical (such as the distance of Earth from the Sun) and invisible factors (such as gravity), our lives would be impossible on Earth, but the Sun in general provides what no other star or “magic” could near our planet. The Sun in astrology is a planet that people most identify with at the personal level, creating strong stereotypes which could also be considered as “collective behavior” when its transits last 29.9 days in each of the 12 signs of the zodiac, a visible mark/signature that astrology provides as knowledge before the stars.


  • Critics

Astrologer Stephen Arroyo in his book entitled “Astrology, Psychology and the Four Elements” wrote many times that in order to understand the science of astrology, the student must first acknowledge the elements. Many astrologers like C.E.O. Carter also wrote the 4 elements are vital in natal charts as well as in people’s psychic. If that is vital, many astrologers nowadays are missing a great technique that predicts anyone’s most apparent behavior in life, that is because many new things are being introduced to the new astrologers of the 21st century, and the basic parts are being left aside so the new can emerge without distortion, and that is dangerous to the future of astrology, it sets up knowledge without structure or actual base/foundation.


  6. “Astrology, Psychology and the Four Elements” (1975) – by Astrologer Stephen Arroyo

Full Moon in Taurus 2016 – by astrologer Rafael VR


Full Moons are times of revelations, endings and our unconscious is wide and wake

Full Moon in Taurus: discover your sensuality and what makes you attractive

Taurus/Scorpio Axis: finding balance between possession/having and obsession/all or nothing


New Moon in Scorpio 2016 – about 15 days ago

New Moon in Taurus 2016 – about 6 months ago


↓ Working on that, please Proceed to the Report ↓







Are you ready for Harvest?




“A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.” – Henry Ford

Note I: This is a super full moon in Taurus. In fact, this is a record-breaking Supermoon, that is, the biggest in 68 solar years (since 1948). The last time a supermoon of this magnitude happened it was also the United States presidential election of 1948, the 41st quadrennial presidential election which was held on Tuesday, November 2, 1948. Incumbent President Harry S. Truman, the Democratic nominee, who had succeeded to the presidency after the death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1945, successfully ran for election for a full term against Thomas E. Dewey, the Republican nominee, who also was the Republican presidential nominee in 1944. But that supermoon happened at the beginning of the year in January 26, 1948 in the first decanate of Leo, a sign that squares Taurus. Wikipedia writes that Truman’s victory is considered to be one of the greatest election upsets in American history. Could the republican Trump’s victory of 2016 be the worst so far? When super Moon happens in our skies, it looks like we can almost touch it with our fingertips. And this is exactly what is going to happen for us astrologically, our feelings are super sensitive, explosive… quite an emotional drama to say the least! It feels we are about to explode in emotions and they are all over the place, people are no longer hidden their primary emotions and motivations in life. The last supermoon held in 148 happened 3 years after the end of ww2 took place.

Note II: Although they are at least 6° orbs away from each other, the Saturn square Neptune of the year is over. Neptune is retrograde and will continue until 20th November and will station at 9°14′ of Pisces, and will reach at maximum of 14°degrees of tropical Pisces in 2017.

Note III: Uranus the planet of revolution and social upheaval, transits retrograde the sign of Aries, the war-oriented of the Zodiac, and the planet is conjunction Eris in Aries by 1° orb. This is not a good thing for events related to war, bloodshed and vengeance. On the other side, Uranus conjoining Eris brings necessary changes and discordance in order to society realize what needs union of nations and what needs backup, the nations that still needs primary progress that shouldn’t in plain 21st century. Eris is now found at 23° Aries 3′. (For the geocentric ephemeris of Eris click here).

Note IV: In the whole year of 2017, there won’t happen any major aspects among the outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. However, social planet Jupiter in Libra will square Pluto in Capricorn and oppose Uranus in Aries many times (here I explain better the Jupiter cycles with outer planets Uranus and Pluto). Good news is that Saturn in Sagittarius in 2017 will make only sweet aspects to Uranus in Aries, and Jupiter will also trine Saturn in 2017.


15 days ago when the New Moon took place in Scorpio, initiating a new passionate and addictive cycle in our lives, wanted it or not. The Moon was at fall in Scorpio, but now she is renewed and empowered by the sign of Taurus, where the Moon is exalted, in dignity, strengthening our emotions and boosting our determination to keep u with our feelings no matter how dark they may be or become to be. In all Full Moon in Taurus ♉ – we are involuntarily asked to preserve what needs to be cared for, for what it matters in terms of possessions or ownership and what else needs to be under your control and fully owned, as well as today we are invited to initiate a decrease in what no longer needs our fully control or something that doesn’t need to be under our possession anymore. The Sun in Scorpio is now consciously telling you what is going on, but the with the Moon, we never know… until the Full Moon comes! The transiting Sun in Scorpio exposes the urge merge with another and everything becomes “ours” in the sphere (house) in which the Sun is transiting in your own chart, while the Moon in the opposite sign Taurus is revealing where you need to own things by your own that you can call “mine”, to maintain things straight up instead of breaking them apart into 2 half! Naturally, we learn in astrology that opposition indeed isolates, but the major purpose is the integration of the polarity instead of focusing on the separating parts, and that is the beautiful knowledge that the studying provides not only in technique, but in practice, in real life. In practical terms, in Taurus house shows where you cannot share or divide it but to have it as a possession to the self, while the Scorpio house shows the things where you shouldn’t possess but the things you shall share with.

The last Full Moon there was also Uranus but it was conjunct the Moon and now it is inconjunct (or quincunx – 150° degrees apart), but the Moon this time ain’t at fall but exalted. Out of nowhere we are obliged to finish things up in a hurry, but not like the last time, this time, we actually won’t know what exactly, mostly because the inconjuction tells us these events are truly unknown or inexperienced for us, like a new terrain to be explored but you don’t know the rules, the laws, etc. so you have to create it your own accordingly in order to fit reality. People are out of their comfort zone, they are feeling their feelings have been electrified and now it needs an outlet to discharge all that energy, and others may pay for that, which it won’t be fair, but they are calling for this, you are calling for this, everyone is. A necessary end of whatever cycle you were trying to get out and simple couldn’t, now you are free, free to go my dear one. Crazy-oriented people are instigated to make a bold finale, and they are quite detached from their feelings (Uranus/Aquarius people), specially the Moon square their planets in Aquarius or natal Uranus, stay away from them if you don’t want to cry, these people are inclined to accomplish anything in this period of time.

The Moon inconjunct Uranus is the major factor in the chart which mainly contributes in aspect to the Full Moon. That also means we are looking for unique insights at this Full Moon but we won’t be able to reach its maximum of its message.

When the Full Moon comes in Taurus, we get to be aware of in our lives what emotionally gives us comfort, familiarization and makes us cozy. In this way, we are instigated to use our gifts or talents in order to make things easier and uncomplicated. When one utilizes his/her talent and get to be awarded someway or another, life becomes practical, a sense of well being takes place and one understand how important the talent is to assure one’s financial stability if possible, or another kind of. Taurus sees no need to take a new path when one is already working perfectly, they interpret this as determination, many times seeing only one way, becoming too inflexible to accept other avenues or a discontinuation, hence the sign is known for its strong capacity to stay intact when others fall or lost their appetite to keep going. 

Once again, the Full Moon has two rulers: Mars/Pluto and Venus. The infusion of both energies are the polarization of the feminine and masculine archetypes, making us understand the need to give birth to a new revolution in our lives, and the Uranus inconjunction may urge us to go beyond our normal daily activities. It is an opportunity to overcome the hardest obstacles in life as well. Mars in Aquarius will soon trine Jupiter in Libra, sextile Saturn in Sagittarius and by the end of it all it will sextile Uranus in Aries. This is a great trip for Mars, we will be able to assert ourselves more than usual now, and that will be empowered by the planets just cited. At this Full Moon, Mars and Venus are no stranger to each other as Venus semisextile Mars, and although that is no strong aspect or considerable of great impact, it suggests our personal urges needs to be in contact with other’s.

Once one second has gone by, there is no second after that will make the last second goes back to what once was: an exciting new second.  Such thinking gives a sense that there is “no going back”, but the Moon allows us to enter the past with facility, that is, when we put our thoughts to past events we allow ourselves to feel that again, to emotionally experience those seconds with intentional thinking. Whenever the Full Moon in Taurus comes, we are suggested to go back to the past and see what we have built in life that altered our sense of self-worth.

At this ending cycle, we are able to close up chapters with tenacity while emotionally determined, we are able to preserve ourselves with certain endings now, disclosures and announcements, this is a Fixed Full Moon.

  • be ready for a restorative yet arousing Saturn trine Uranus by the end of 2016. Saturn is returning back to the point of origin (from its retrograde motion day 1) in November 20th – 2016 where it will be back to 16° Sagittarius 24′.
  • Neptune the planet of utopia is now conjunct South Node and opposite North Node.

Qualities and Elements

  • 36% Cardinal
  • 0%Fixed
  • 64% Mutable
  • 27% Fire
  • 36% Earth
  • 18% Air
  • 18% Water

The chart shows a preponderance of Mutable quality, yet Cardinal and Fixed qualities are in equal but lower in percentage, we are willing to cooperate with the flow, becoming more flexible and able to adapt to changes. The medium percentage of fixed and cardinal signs, are still enough for us to ground ourselves into the physical reality and act cautiously but assertive.

The Full Moon’s chart shows a complete lack of Air and Water signs, while the majority of the planets are transiting in fire, earth signs. The elements in astrology are the essence of all the energies at the game, the lack of element Air compromises our intellect, interpretation of reality, jeopardizing our arguments and the capacity to rightly analyze events, people and ourselves. The lack of element Water compromises our emotional responses and awareness. We won’t be able to feel it ‘deep’ but above the skin literally. And guess this energy is good enough for us to walk through rough waters. The fact by itself assures the lack a precise rational perspective in oneself and the world, we can also lack empathy for others, but we are willing to overcome that with courage and will, persistence and practicality. A wise and sufficient instruction, would be finding in practical forms in real life the element or elements the lunation most lacks, which in this case, are the elements of Air and Water. The chart tells planet Earth is already balanced with other elements by planetary astrological alignments, therefore, equivalence must be afforded through thinking, reflecting and using logic to close chapters as well as trying to reflect better before action.


“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill



Here we are dear ones;

12 Ways people in general are about to experience whenever the Moon is Full and is in Taurus:

  1. comfortable in the darker
  2. feeling calm and relaxed
  3. relentlessly stubborn
  4. feeling something or someone must be preserved
  5. preferring the comfortable instead of the new
  6. wanting to feel emotionally secured
  7. wanting a warm hug, kiss and to make love instead of sex
  8. feeling romantic or wanting a romantic meeting
  9. needing to disclosure or end a long-term goal/mission
  10. hard-working more than usual
  11. feeling determined to the end
  12. wanting to feel financially secured or delight the money one has in physical pleasures




Today we are about to celebrate it with a uncontrollable unconscious behavior, for that, the sky announcing to humans and planet Earth: a Full Moon in Aries – The most aggressive but assertive of all the Full Moons by any astrological means. The houses the axis Aries/Libra govern are the cardinal 1st and 7th houses respectively. In the session “Study Astrology” – “Houses” here at the website, I wrote about each house:

  • 1st House – Aries is the strongest and most courageous of all the signs. Through the acts, the world sees and have the first impression. The first house is the scream of liberty, scream of passion of being alive, the first step of being born. The first step as a body in connection to the material world. We understand individuality as it is, and are willing to fight for anything of one’s value.
  • 7th house – Libra opens the contrasting crossing line between identities, resulting in learning objectively the difference between me from you. Automatically, we learn ourselves trough the other, the necessity of unification becomes clear, the barrier is equal and now we learn the first step of the realm of trust, which is to trust that justice will be made. Now we have reflections.

The 1st house is where humans experience the super “I am” sentence that has a powerful effect over the person saying it, this is the house of Mars and Aries – here we are instigated to vision the world accordingly to the sign rising at the cusp of the house, that is, the Ascendant, the magnifying lens. Here reflects our personality apart from the Sun sign which is our essence and not our personality in general. The 1st house is the doorway to our mind, the face we carry on the living body and the exterior a person projects, thus influencing the way we  vision the world, what is in front, the direct experience whatsoever. In contrast, the 7th house is where humans experience the mind, face and the presence of the other, or, any significant other, which will provide the native with an acute understanding of the self through the other whenever possible, and of course, many experiences in this house will provide the native with the ability of negotiation, politics and personal tact. Many Libra rising individuals think they are their own worst enemy, and that is because Aries is on their descendant, the house of open enemies, the same is true when Mars occupies the 7th house of a nativity. People with many planets in the 1st house (specially personal planets) are often accused of being too self-centered, self-absorbed or too selfish. They lack the sense of the other what is like to sacrifice a part of you in order to spend time with a significant other. However, they are powerful people full of genuine energy, the ones we need to be inspired by.

The axis formed by Aries-Libra houses is the axis of relationship, either to the self or the other, and from this line of perception, the houses represent those experiences related to independence and co-dependency, reinforcing the need to equalize liberty and reliance instead of forcing them apart. Everyone at least one time in life, wanted to become a hero for someone or for a whole audience, the wish is considered encouraging even when a few people considerably follow such desire, and knowing that is not the best job in the world, risking yourself for another human being that you barely know, and that is exactly the initial sparks that Aries people do that make anyone illuminated by tremendous courage, it is satisfying for the ones witnessing their heroic attitude. The integration of the axis brings an experience of having to accept that our actions have consequences and we’ll eventually be judged by such acts, by the integration of a system and a person of knowledge. The first cardinal points are a reminder that we must accomplish the mission of being true to oneself while relating to others of the same, the integration of the self and the other is imminent in anyone’s life, the same will happen to your vision of how the world is or how it should be in contrast to others people’s view – the cardinal quality attached gives those houses a trailblazer effect, giving birth to new major beginnings concerning the self and the significant other. These houses are the place we need to take the first steps before everything else on the chart, the first angular houses asks for major emergencies in life. Here, we are dealing with fire (1st) and air (7th) houses, that means each house has something to offer in contrast that the other house lacks (the same conception can be applied to the signs of the zodiac and their polarities); in the 1st house of Aries we experience the maximum of our “self” separated from others of the same, that is, all things related to our physical body (specially the head) and appearance, our personality is much aligned by the way we look to the world and conduct/direct our lives in it, the apparent surface which is hidden by a beautiful mask that is hold on tight until safety is a reality, the mask falls and the truth (Sun) appears – while in the 7th house we experience the maximum of the significant others, the ones we keep a one-to-one communication or some kind of relationship on daily basis, in this house we experience the mask of others as well as the house of open enemies.

Personal planet Mars is called the god of war for a reason, and the planet is also the co-ruler of the 8th house and the dark sign of Scorpio, among with Pluto, the planet of destruction and rebirth. Mars ruling the 1st house gives the house a passionate and intense quality, thus it indicates the area of life where we give the best of ourselves, here we give impressions and not only the “first impression” but any impact one causes that changes how the other sees us, and take it back as a compliment once this is the house of assertiveness and action. Unfortunately many decisions taken here will somehow offend the significant other, but when integrated, the other will be part of one’s major decisions in life and that will be gratifying. Outer planets transiting the 1st house activates a great urge for liberty and independence and will likely want others to do the same – people become self-centered to extremes and will think everyone should think in the same rhythm and with the same responses as theirs.

While in the 1st house we experience our physical body integrated, in the 7th house we experience them apart from others, then we are about to experience the physical body of the important other person. Everything that happens in the 1st house is strongly in tune with the native’s outlook in life and of course, the appearance (specially the face) and self-actualization in the course of life.



Uranus in Aries and the future of “The Intellectual War”


“Wherever books are burned, human beings are destined to be burned too.” – German Jewish poet, Heinrich Heine said a hundred years before the advent of Hitler


Nazi salutes and anthems accompany the smoldering pile. (May 10th, 1933)

Today (11/12/2016) the Sun inconjunct Uranus in Aries by exact degrees. In my mind the whole day I was thinking about intellectual war. This also reminds me that in the future, the wars will be intellectually based and not physically, there won’t be bloodshed (although some parts of the world will still be inevitable for a long while) but a war that will bring moral and mind devastation between the common people, powerful ones and even among nations.

As we enter the Aquarius age, the age of social and scientific experiments, many astrologers alleviate the conversation mostly by predicting wonderful and positive opportunities and kind of events the sign of Aquarius brings to the spiritual and cultural progress/ of society. However, living the perfect world is a long history for many nations of the world, if not entirely. Aquarius has a positive polarity as well it is considered a masculine sign. Aquarius is about equality, but it is also detached when choosing what kind of equality that shall be addressed to, and that may upset many people, as they don’t want to be considered as of the same of the other, in respect, social security, social status, financial upgrades, etc.

  • Hitler and the burned books

The burning of the books took place in 1933 when Uranus was in Aries (see ephemeris here)² hovering in there between the 19° and 27° degrees. And Neptune was the sign opposite it is transiting now in 2016, it was transiting at 10° degrees tropical Virgo. Mercury, the planet of plain intellect had conjunct Uranus 3 days earlier and at the day Mercury was critical or anaretic (29°) degrees Aries, and Uranus in Aries was also square Pluto but it was in Cancer and not Capricorn as it transits now. On the night of May 10, 1933, an event unseen in Europe since the Middle Ages occurred as German students from universities once regarded as among the finest in the world, gathered in Berlin to burn books with in which ideas were not Germanic.


May 10, 1933 – Students and storm troopers on the Opera Square in Berlin with books and writings deemed “unGerman.”

Humans each generation adapt their needs accordingly to the social acceptance of the moment. Each generation has something dreadful to destruct and something powerful to distribute and share among people. Hitler had Pluto (terror) in Gemini (passed on information) and proposed an intellectual war as well, by burning books of knowledge. It is said¹ that among the 20,000 volumes hurled into the flames there were the writings of Henri Barbusse, Franz Boas, John Dos Passos, Albert Einstein, Lion Feuchtwanger, Friedrich Förster, Sigmund Freud, John Galsworthy, André Gide, Ernst Glaeser, Maxim Gorki, Werner Hegemann, Ernest Hemingway, Erich Kästner, Helen Keller, Alfred Kerr, Jack London, Emil Ludwig, Heinrich Mann, Thomas Mann, Karl Marx, Hugo Preuss, Marcel Proust, Erich Maria Remarque, Walther Rathenau, Margaret Sanger, Arthur Schnitzler, Upton Sinclair, Kurt Tucholsky, Jakob Wassermann, H.G. Wells, Theodor Wolff, Emilé Zola, Arnold Zweig, and Stefan Zweig.

Uranus is the collective intellect while Aries is the sign of war, or in other cases, the sign of a hero. Uranus can now be considered the planet of virtual intellect. After many years the internet had made a point clear: you can change the world online, from the desk, from a computer, a notebook. It is going to be difficult to burn books now with everything on the clouds, everything on-line. So, what is the future here?

  • The Future Wars 

“On résiste à l’invasion des armées; on ne résiste pas à l’invasion des idées.” (translation: One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas.) — Victor Marie Hugo (1802 – 1885), Histoire d’un Crime (The History of a Crime), written 1852, published 1877

War of ideas. The world is being divided into virtual factions. What wasn’t possible because the clash of ideas, now it is possible as people can choose what kind of information they want to see. People are being banned from on-line sources that instigates thousands and thousands of viewers to keep up peace in the places where it can be addressed without violence, aggressiveness and intolerability. Virtual banishment prevents virtual war, at the same time instigate more angriness and revolt from the other side. Therefore, campaigns will be used against. What will be the form? What will be those weapons which will be used as vessels?

Internet in general (forums, websites, blogs, social medias, etc.), radio broadcasting, political papers, TV programs, movies, newspaper, all forms of virtual accessible articles, etc. These are only one way to get to the heart and mind of the collective shared thinking. Many countries or nations worldwide will block away information in order to direct the people’s consciousness into constructive knowledge. While others will do it in order to prevent the population to get smarter and intelligent.

  • Arrogance is the new weapon

Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels addresses the gathering – putting it all in context for his young audience.

Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels joined the students at the bonfire and declared: “The era of extreme Jewish intellectualism is now at an end…The future German man will not just be a man of books, but a man of character. It is to this end that we want to educate you. As a young person, to already have the courage to face the pitiless glare, to overcome the fear of death, and to regain respect for death – this is the task of this young generation. And thus you do well in this midnight hour to commit to the flames the evil spirit of the past. This is a strong, great and symbolic deed – a deed which should document the following for the world to know – Here the intellectual foundation of the November [Democratic] Republic is sinking to the ground, but from this wreckage the phoenix of a new spirit will triumphantly rise…”¹

Leo is the opposite sign of Aquarius, the sign ruler of the New Age. One of Leo’s lowest point is Arrogancy and one of the highest point is the human heart, literally and metaphorically. Aquarius’ lowest poin is detachment while its highest point is equality. This reminds me how much our mind influences our heart and vice-versa. What we think, may change the temperature of our body in seconds, suddenly we can feel our heart beating faster when we have that slight thought of someone we love or want to be in love with, for example. The same happens when in an outer situation demands our body to move faster, to think quickier and to act spontaneously, then our intellect is slightly clouded as our mind became vigilant and not able to think straight, thus we act fierly but emotionally, with more subjectiveness than objectivness, we become slaves of our hearts desire without thinking the consequences. But once we think before we act, violence can be avoided as well as further discussion when knowing the limits of a civilized conversation.

Then, arrogrance becomes the newly and shinnest weapon of all time. “I know it better than everybody else” becomes a major operation behind the weak and a major weapon of the intellectuals who compaing self-importance (Leo) instead of collective-importance (Aquarius).

The good thing is that, people will become much more stubborn in ideas, the new society will be fixed in ideas and very inflexible in time. That is because we are reaching to a limit in our intellect, knowladge is been recycled more than usual in this last decade, altough many new dicoveries are pioneering, they are the result of ealier studies that provied the base – for its development or betterment. Many of the things are now experimental, and we are going to grow from that, from experiences as collective awareness that will deliver us the new intellect we need to progress as society.



Updating you


Dear Readers;

Now that the Coven is getting much more attention, I feel the need to update the reader more than usual at the coming days, months and years ahead. I remember last year a friend from overseas that I haven’t talked to in a year or so asked me if I was still with astrology stuff. This event reminded me how astrology is not taken seriously to the general public but only as an entertaining advice that serves to make people happy from time to time. As far as I am concerned, I will work with astrology until death till us apart.

Than I read in an astrology group on Facebook, a possible astrologer saying he or she doesn’t want to see astrology in the mainstream. I see blindness and an urge to rebel instead of an cautious perspective. Astrology is part of humankind since its intellectual response to nature itself, although not explained thought the word “astrology” at certain times, we now know they were talking astrology.

I mean, it is ok to be underground. Like music bands, there are many that prefer to be underground, yet, when an opportunity to show its light to the general public, there is an expectation of showing authenticity when there was only misogyny of information.

  • Updating you

As you know by now, I am about to publish this free e-book entitled “the astrology of biographical films”. In this investigation, Rafael VR suggests a pioneering Table of specific major considerations to be analyzed before taking further conclusions or other kinds of considerations, such as transits, progressions, primary directions, fixed stars, etc. The Table is promised to help professionals or even students of astrology to identify who will be the next person to have its life portrayed on an expensive movie. The publishing was programmed for this week, but that won’t be possible.

I am opening a clothing store with my own brand, that store will be first be physical, then I will go online with it, and I promise you there will be many Zodiac thematic clothing. For that reason, I will have to travel this weekend, therefore the Full Moon in Taurus report will be delayed but published as the moment I arrive in town back again.

The book print “Saturn” is about to delay. I am still on the search of a publisher, while I am still reviewing it.


For the motive I am opening my own store, at first it will demand much of my time. Therefore, internet readings shall take place back again ONLY IN FEBRUARY. But those scheduled until the end of November shall have its reading done.